Junior Debating Challenge

On Monday after school Grace , Katja , Galianne and Ahana debated in the third round of the London junior debating league. They challenged Twyford Abbey School in Ealing . The team debated with vigour and commitment displaying some real skill which both judges commented upon. The second debate, which was unprepared, meant they faced stiff opposition with Upper Latymer. However, their proposition of the motion ‘this house believes celebrities and people in the public eye should suffer tougher punishment  than the rest of us, should they break the law’ was a difficult challenge and although the team stood their ground the opposition was very emphatic with their response and so won the argument.


Katja opened our debates in a clear and impressive manner, challenging the opposition with astute points of information. Ahana, as second speaker, spoke with detail from a thoroughly well researched speech and Galianne summed up with excellent fluency . It was pleasing to have Grace speak on the team for the first time as previously she had researched and supported others. A splendid effort for her first debate. Mr Hegarty was very impressed by the quality of preparation the the team displayed and their debating skills have seen a real improvement. Well done to all.

Thanks to Natalia, Rosie, Lucy, Eman, and Jemima for helping with the judging but particular thanks should be given to sixth form girls, Dredgeza and Siobhan who have attended, encouraged and helped judge all the debates.


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