Maria Hadji-Michael – A More House Old Girl


Maria Hadji-Michael is a twenty five year old trainee Clinical Psychologist, she runs a successful cupcake business in her spare time and lives in London. She is also a More House old girl.

We invited Maria to write a short piece about her time at More House and how her education inspired her to go on to do great things. Here’s what she said…


“Looking back at my time at More House I feel a smile creeping across my face. I was lucky enough to come to More House in my final year of A levels and was amazed at how welcoming all the teachers and other pupils were. We travelled to America as part of the choir and had a fantastic eye opening experience. More House inspired me to be more involved in my community due to its strong community ethos and in 2005 when I left More House and went off to University College London to study psychology I also joined the Metropolitan Police as a special constable. I truly believe that More House gave me the confidence to be able to put myself forward for a volunteer position.

The teaching at More House was excellent- small classes meant more opportunities for refinement of academic skills and personal development. I am grateful to More House, as I believe that without the high standards of teaching that were available, I would never have achieved the 4 A’s to enable me to gain a place at UCL. I am now enrolled on a Doctorate in Clinical psychology at Royal Holloway and believe that More House gave me the drive and passion to succeed in my career.

In addition, being at More House I was always around gifted artistic peeps, and having not chosen it as an A-level subject I felt I was missing out! In 2005 I also decided to set up a home based cake and cupcake business called “Cakes with Love x” which is flourishing and we are regularly supplying cakes for weddings and corporate parties.

I truly believe the excellent teaching, artistic environment and community ethos of More House have greatly facilitated my personal and professional development. To all the teachers and pupils that made my time at More House so special- thank you.”


To check out Maria’s cakes click here. *Warning: could cause uncontrollable dribbling


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