Art Trip to the Shoe Museum

Last week, Miss Rigby and Miss Devine took the Year 10 Art and LVIth Textiles girls to the Northampton Shoe museum.

The museum has the UK’s largest collection of shoes, including historical european examples, tiny Chinese foot binding shoes and a selection of shoes made famous by film and celebrities.

Having left school at 8.30am they arrived at the museum for 10.30am and had a quick look around. The current exhibition is all about the locally made jelly shoe.

Rebecca Write then gave them a fascinating talk about the history of shoes. She explained that during Medieval ages the length of men’s toes equated to their status and then talked us through the following period styles. She sowed us a pair of huge size 21 Nike trainers that had been found abandoned in a petrol station as well as discussing modern trends.

After lunch, the girls had time to make some sketches and of course try on some shoes! They will now continue with their shoe project inspired and informed. The results of this project will be made in their exam and will be put on display during the art exam on the 26th June.




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