A note from the Headmaster – 22nd March 2013

school_picThe end of another interesting week ~ aren’t they all? ~ and the penultimate week of school to boot. I’m still getting used to the notion of a blog rather than a newsletter and have been told that I should have a name for this regular end of the week letter ~ Head’s Letter apparently is just not good enough. I’ve been mulling over a number of alternatives: That was the week, that was (although this might have copyright issues); Musings in the early hours; And another thing…; The view from the Head’s Study. I am told that good Blog entries are inter-active and I should now say something like ~ so tell me what you think. So, tell me what you think.

This week’s rumour was that we are finishing at lunchtime next Thursday. No we aren’t. The last day of the Spring Term is always a full day, so we will be finishing in the afternoon like a normal Thursday.

The Upper end of the School had a very interesting presentation in Assembly at the start of the week from a national organisation called The Challenge. This is a summer opportunity for pupils in Year 11 and LVIth to learn something about themselves, to develop new skills and to try to make a difference to their community. Working in teams of 12 the participants spend 4 days learning about themselves whilst taking part in an outward bound-type adventure training course. They then transfer for a four day residential experience based in a university Hall of Residence where they look at skills such a media design. Finally they have to do a Dragons’ Den style pitching exercise to win funds to carry out a community-based project which they have designed.

Undoubtedly the most exciting event of the week, after the installation of Pope Francis, was the Spring Concert. It was stunningly good as you will know if you were lucky enough to have been amongst the audience. It really was something to be part of the world premier of a new piece of music, and what a stunning piece of music it was. It is very difficult to find enough superlatives to do the performance of the girls, both Chorus and Soloists, justice. If you were there, you know what I mean, and if you weren’t there, then where were you?

Finally, as I write this, I am looking forward to the A2 Drama which will be Friday evening ~ I am told that it contains humour as well as dark tragedy. Given past experience I remain to be convinced but I am really looking forward to it nonetheless.

 With best wishes for a wonderful weekend.

R.M. Carlysle


3 thoughts on “A note from the Headmaster – 22nd March 2013

  1. though I do like the title you have – “A note from the Headmaster … and then the date.
    AndI agree – I thought the concert was excellent, but wonder why we don’t give the soloist a microphone? we were sat half way and it was really difficult to hear them over the music.

  2. Dear Mr. Carlysle,
    I attended MH from 1978 to 1980, took my O Levels there and have the fondest of memories of the School and my friends (and thanks to the FB page I was able to get in touch with 2 of them, which is a luxury after so many years!). I visited the School again in 2010 (30 years later!!), and was allowed to walk around…. lovely experience. My Form room is now the Music room!!!
    Because you mentioned Pope Francis, I am from Argentina, and I just wanted to write to say that I, a former MH student, am so proud to have him as Pope, as he is so sincerely devoted to helping the needy and the people in trouble! I really hope he brings new, more humble airs to our Church!!!
    I will keep reading this blog, and may I say I cannot choose from among the names you shared!!! I look forward to reading won!
    Best to all at MH,

    Lucila Marquez

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