BBC School Report

A couple of weeks ago, Mr Hegarty introduced his English class to BBC School Reports, a part of the BBC website that hosts and promotes videos from schools all over the country.

Students are invited to report on a topic that they feel is newsworthy, whether that be politics, sports news, local stories or what they had for lunch – it is entirely up to them.

Using hand held cameras and their (rather impressive) video editing skills, our girls set about reporting on what they were most passionate about. From cycling in London to the More House Easter Concert, the topics were diverse and well delivered.

Click below to see the videos, and don’t forget, there is more to come so keep an eye on the blog for updates! You can get to the School Report page anytime using the link at the top of this blog.

bbcblogbutton copy

One thought on “BBC School Report

  1. These videos are so cool and interesting. I think it is a great way to tell people what is happening in the news. I wish Year 8 could do them.

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