Geography Field Trip to Epping Forest

On Monday 22 April 2013, 13 intrepid Year 10 pupils studying GCSE Geography visited Epping Forest Field Studies Centre at High Beech, Essex to participate in a field trip study to investigate changes in the characteristics of rivers with distance downstream.  They examined the width, depth, wetted perimeter, cross-sectional area, velocity and gradient of a river at three sites along the course of the Middle Roding drainage basin.  The Met Office’s predictions of a dry day seemed to be vindicated as the coach drew up to the Field Study Centre and the Sun appeared from behind the clouds at times providing pleasant conditions whilst we collected our measurements.

This study, providing pupils with invaluable primary data, will form the backbone of their GCSE controlled assessment local fieldwork assignment as well as supplementing their knowledge and understanding of fluvial geomorphology and hydrology for the river processes and landforms section of the GCSE Physical Geography paper.  It was also greatly enjoyed by all the girls concerned, and I would like to thank Ms Rigby for accompanying us and providing invaluable assistance on the day.

Mr Benson

(Head of Geography)

Furze Ground Anahita Furze Ground Eduarda and Shona Furze Ground Holly and Charlotte Furze Ground Mollykins and Grace

2 thoughts on “Geography Field Trip to Epping Forest

  1. well done geography team and mr benson

    reminded me of my geography days mays years ago. really great days geography field trips1 any chance of joining you for a few?



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