The Girl in the Blue Coat – Performance

(A few clips of the production – full musical available on DVD)

On the 1st and 2nd of May Miss Ho and Mr Bignell led some of our most talented More House girls onto the stage where a large excited audience were eagerly awaiting the much talked about musical ‘The Girl in the Blue Coat’.

Amara Rossi and Rosanna Ross played the characters of ‘Abbie and Beth Pollin’, sisters from the village of ‘Cloton’. They got the performance off to a triumphant start with a duet of ‘The Girl in the Blue Coat’ which really set the standard for the evening ahead.

Next up, Mattie Barclay as ‘Francis Lovill’ led the ladies in pink as they skipped around the stage swirling their parasols and singing theatrically, provoking quiet chuckles from the audience.

It was Helena Playle who joined Amara on stage next, bravely playing the part of Mr Winwood, the wealthy gentleman that captures the heart of the Girl in the Blue Coat. Confidently and convincingly she sung out to the audience as bubbles fell from the ceiling above her, to replicate snow.

The audience continued to watch with wide eyes and proud smiles as the girls danced, sung and acted out the rest of the story.

As the musical went on it was clear just how much work had gone into the show. From the stage and the backdrop to the musicians and of course the cast, it really was a polished and professional performance.

Well done to all that took part in ‘The Girl in the Blue Coat’ and to Miss Ho and Mr Bignell, for writing and directing the performance. You did us all proud!








One thought on “The Girl in the Blue Coat – Performance

  1. Well done Miss Ho and Mr Bignell for putting a great play. I loved it! I especially like Rossanna, Amara and Helena. A big round of applause to all the cast and producers.

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