Activities Week Update

In a bid to keep the school as quiet and focussed on exams as possible, we have sent years 7-9 off on an adventure to either France, Germany or Devon this week. For those parents who couldn’t sleep last night (and for the parents who are just enjoying the peace and quiet) we will be updating the blog throughout the week with news from the teachers.

Miss Brown is in Germany with the Year 7’s, she sent this last night…

We have arrived safe and sound in Germany. The journey wasn’t too bad and the girls were all very well behaved. This evening we have been for a walk along the River Rhine and unpacked our suitcases!

We have just had supper and the girls are starting their German diaries and are managing to use some vocabulary and phrases in the restaurant!

Tomorrow we will be going swimming and taking a Chair-lift up the mountain to see the beautiful Rheinblick views.


Mr Hegarty is in Devon with the Year 9’s and Alex the Meerkat, here’s what he sent over yesterday…


Alex prepare to take Helena up the wall


Meerkat and Grace take five


Brilliant climbing from Florence !


Eleanor and Millie convince meerkat to abseil


Coaching from ground level


Florence and Phoebe ready to have a go at abseiling

Mr Robertson and the year 8’s have arrived safely in France but have been too  busy climbing trees and balancing on ropes to send us an update yet. Hopefully we will have something to share in the coming days.

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