Activities Week – Day 2

Its been an action packed start to the week for all of the girls away on Activities week.

Mr Robertson has been in touch to say the girls are having a great time in France and embracing all the activities. Unfortunately he is struggling to get signal or internet connection so hasn’t yet managed to send us any pictures. We will keep you posted…

Miss Brown emailed us last night with a report of their trip to Boppard…

Another busy day in Boppard! We started the day on the chair lift and took in the spectacular views of the River Rhine. All the girls were very brave, even poor Helena who is petrified of heights! We then had lunch by the river and headed off to the neighbouring town of Koblenz.

The sun came out in the afternoon and we had a great time in the swimming pool. The girls enjoyed the whirlpools and Cara proved to be a great diver and managed to find the missing locker keys at the bottom of the pool!

We’ve just finished our evening meal and are about to go and play mini-golf. After such a busy day I’m sure the girls will sleep well tonight!

And with the luxury of Wifi, Mr Hegarty has been sending over photo updates from Devon. Here’s what they have been up to…

All is well here, its dry and the sun is trying to shine. Today has been busy but lots of fun, tomorrow we are tunnelling and climbing crates.


Alice has a catch at last with a little help from George


Guess what’s for dinner, along with a light salad!?


Maddie with great effort makes it to the bank


So many girls and so many crabs


Not all crabs are friendly – they nip!


Day 2 and Grace has new confidence


Time to leave dry land


The safety talk


Ship ahoy!


Aminah takes the wheel


The winning team!

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