Activities Week – Day Four

Stock up the fridge,  and warm up the engine because the girls are coming home!

In fact the year 8’s are already home! Or back in school at least. Mr Robertson and the girls arrived safely back in Knightsbridge at 8.30am this morning after a long overnight journey from France. Despite this, the girls are looking lively and it sounds like everybody had a wonderful week away.

Miss Brown and the year 7’s are due back at school at 6.00pm this evening and Mr Hegarty and the year 9’s a little later at 6.30pm. Don’t forget the girls will have their phone on them and will be able to call you once they are back in the country, to let you know of any delays or schedule changes.

We will be posting pictures from all of the trips over the next week or two so look out for updates over half term!

For now though, here are some Devonshire snaps from yesterday’s activities to keep you going…


And that’s why they bring a change of clothing . What a trooper !


Cat hitches a lift and yes, those feet are soaked


Even some skill from Ines


Kitted and booted


No one said it didn’t involve waiting


The girls who don’t want to get wet !


Bagsie the first shower! Maddie Ellie and speedy waterskiing enthusiast , Ella

19 20

Ines waits for skis and a passing boat



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