Head’s Musings – 24th May 2013


Not a great deal to report on within School this week, given that it is Activities Week for Years 7 ~ 9, Examinations Week for Year 10, ‘real’ exams for Year 11 and LVIth and the final phase of revision for the UVIth (plus the odd exam for them as well). As you will have seen from the Blog, 7s, 8s and 9s have been having great fun in various parts of the world and in fact, as I writing this morning, Year 8 have just arrived back from France (an hour early thanks to light traffic) so I have been plying Pupils and Staff with restorative hot drinks because it clear that the journey home has taken its toll somewhat and the weather to which they have returned is not really of the best. However it is very clear that they had a great time and have grown up a little more in the process ~ but then high ropes courses will do that to you. It was also pleasing to hear that our girls confounded the stereotype once again in that our Staff were told at the end of the week by the instructors that they had been dreading the week with our School because they had seen our address ~ Knightsbridge ~ and were expected the girls to be a junior version of Made in Chelsea. They were delighted by our girls’ politeness, humour, enthusiasm and willingness to have a go at everything, even when it required them to confront fairly deep-seated fears. By the end of the week the instructors had concluded that ours was one of the best groups they had had all year ~ perhaps they had also learned not to judge a school by its address?

Our best wishes go to Saturday’s Confirmation candidates. Their ceremony is in the awesome setting of Westminster Cathedral. Please keep them in our prayers.

I think that I need to mention here one of next year’s Jubilee events, namely the special Choir Tour which, it has just been announced, will be to Greece ~ one of the favoured overseas destinations in the early days of our School so quite fitting really. As one of the posters which have appeared all around the School puts it ~ ‘Greece is the word’. I am already looking forward to many of the fund-raisers which Mr Keely and his band of organisers have in store ~ I hear tell of a Grease sing-along (‘Tell me more, tell me more!’). Watch this cyber-space!

With best, but I suspect vain, wishes for a sunny Half Term Break

Robert Carlysle


In the next two weeks

Saturday 25th May Confirmation Service, Westminster Cathedral
Monday 3rd June School re-starts

UVIth Study Leave starts

Tuesday 4th June  
Wednesday 5th June GCSE Art marking
Thursday 6th June Year 10 Art Exam
Friday 7th June Year 10 Art Exam
Monday 10th June Start of Internal Examinations Weeks: Year 7 ~ 9

LVIth Work Experience week starts

Year 10 D of E Expedition Week

Tuesday 11th June 4.30 ~ 5.30pm: U12 & U14 Rounders
Wednesday 12th June AS & A2 Art Marking

6pm: More House Singers

Thursday 13th June AS & A2 Art Marking
Friday 14th June AS & A2 Art Marking

Internal Examinations finish

Year 10 D of E Expedition Week ends


The Prayer in the Chapel this week.

God of your goodness, give me Yourself. For You are sufficient for me…

If I were to ask anything less, I should always be in want, for in You alone do I have all.

Julian of Norwich (1342 – c 1416)


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