Musing from the Head’s Study – 7th June 2013


I have always thought that it is no accident that the ‘cradle of civilisation’ irrespective of which of the three possible locations you might select, was located in a warm place. Not only does good weather make keeping oneself safe and fed easier, but it also predisposes one to like one’s neighbours. Certainly this week’s good weather has encouraged this School (and perhaps in London?). Despite the fact that there is a feeling that we are in the quiet before the storm ~ in this particular case the School Examinations Week ~ there has been a very cheerful spirit in School and I think that this has to be down to the fact that there is sunlight flooding in through the windows. It is also strange to note how habituated we quickly become to good weather because the gloomy rain today really has put something of a dampener on things.

We have not really been up to much in School this week except for the preparation of the examinations with KS3, the returning of examinations to Year 10 and the concluding of the public examinations for Year 11, LVIth and UVIth. It has really felt quite unnatural. Your daughter will have had her examination timetable by now. If you would like to access it as well you need to get her to log on to Firefly for you so that you can see it online. You will see that next week Year 10 are on Activities Week (over the hills and far away with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme or doing London-based activities) whilst everyone else starts examinations as the week progresses ~ let the Games commence!

With best wishes for a wonderful weekend

Robert Carlysle


The weeks ahead…

Monday 10th June Start of Internal Examinations Weeks: Year 7 ~ 9

LVIth Work Experience week starts

Year 10 D of E Expedition Week

Tuesday 11th June 4.30 ~ 5.30pm: U12 & U14 Rounders
Wednesday 12th June AS & A2 Art Marking

6pm: More House Singers

Thursday 13th June AS & A2 Art Marking
Friday 14th June AS & A2 Art Marking

Internal Examinations finish

Year 10 D of E Expedition Week ends

Monday 17th June All day: Y7 History trip to Bodiam Castle
Tuesday 18th June AM: Y11 GCSE Book return and Strawberries and Cream in the Courtyard

All day: LVIth School Officers’ induction

Wednesday 19th June AM: Year 6 Induction Day

End of GCSE Examinations

6pm: More House Singers

Thursday 20th June AM: Year 9 English trip to Brompton Cemetery (Gothic Literature project)

PM: House Entertainment rehearsal

Friday 21st June All Day: St Thomas More’s Day

6.30pm MHPA ~ farewell party for the UVIth and their parents

Saturday 22nd June All day: Jazz dance examinations


In the Chapel this week

 O Lord!

Thou knowest how busy

I must be this day:

If I forget thee,

Doest not Thou not forget me.

Sir Jacob Astley (1579 – 1642)

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