Head’s Musings – Friday 21st June 2013


Happy St Thomas More’s Day! Although not technically the patronal feast day (that’s tomorrow) it is for us, as it is the closest school day to 22nd June. This is a special day for us – one of the ‘high days and holy days’ which used to enliven the days of our forbearers – and so is celebrated in grand style. To church this morning to hear not the Chaplain, who is  unfortunately busy, but rather Cannon Stuart Wilson and from thence to Battersea Park weather permitting – as I am writing this in the early hours of the morning I cannot be certain what kind of day we will have weather-wise – it has to be said that the forecast does not look good which, given the kind of summer we seem to get at the moment is not too surprising. I hope that it stays fine enough for us to have what should be a very close inter-House Rounders Competition rounded off of course by the School v Staff match for the Hill Trophy (which the Staff won last time by half a rounder).

Before we go to the Church, More’s Household have a small service of their own in the Chapel, including a Ceremony with the More’s figurine. This is a particularly important day for them so Happy Feast Day to all the Maggies, the Lizzies, the More Scholars, the Exhibitioners, and of course the Invited! Although Mrs Smith, the Steward of the Household, cannot be with you all today, having just started her maternity leave, she asked me to tell you that she would be thinking of you all and wishes you Happy Feast Day as well.

This week has been one for Old Girls. It has been delightful to see people from a wide variety of different cohorts who are now on their summer break from university, or in some  cases who have finished their Degree, and hear of their successes.

This week has been a week for other successes as well. Our School Officers were announced at the start of the week. They are:


Head Girl: Lucy Hegarty

Deputy Head Girls: Dredheza Maloku

Natalia Punton

House Captains: Canterbury Courtney Fyfe

Eloise Knight

Iona Stephanie Cherney

Anna Zaphiriou-Zarifi

Santiago Jessica Christey

Yasmin Banks

Walsingham Aruna Kerek

Priscilla Llanos

Music Captain Magda Pietrzyk

Mentor Liaison Julia Iremonger

Games Captain Claudia Monteverde

Head Server Brynne Ndoca


Also announced this week was that our Clerk to the Governors, Mr Drummond Leslie, had been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. He received it for his services to Higher Education but he could equally have received this award for services to the Creative Arts, given all the time he gives to this vital part of the country’s cultural life.

On Wednesday we had our Induction Day for next year’s Minis and, as ever, it was a delight to spend a morning with this enthusiastic bunch of girls who are coming to the end of one phase of their lives but are looking forward so much to the start of their next one. It is also greatly amusing to watch the new Officers surrounded by Small People trying to answer a dozen different questions about our School at the same time. The Minis join the School at an exciting time, as the preliminary year of the 60th Jubilee comes to a close and we start to plan next year’s events and projects – the upgrading of the Art Studio for one and an ambitious project to give us a recording studio in school for another.

During Thursday’s Assembly we heard about some of the things the LVIth had been up to during their Work Experience. They seem to have gone to a wide range of positions ~ teaching (including arranging an Art Exhibition in a Prep School which was accounted to be one of the best parents had ever seen), working in an Art Gallery (which resulted in the offer of a full internship), working for the BBC, for legal firms, for a Dance company, an Entertainment Agency, and the UN (where we are led to believe it is the case that politicians strike more successful deals over lunch or at parties than they do in formal sessions)

Finally, don’t forget the cultural feast of next week in the form of the Art Exhibition and the Summer Concert. You would be most welcome to join us.

With best wishes for the penultimate weekend of term

Robert Carlysle


The weeks ahead

Saturday 22nd June All day: Jazz dance examinations
Monday 24th June A2 Exams finish

Rehearsals for the Summer Concert

6pm More House Singers

Tuesday 25th June Rehearsals for the Summer Concert

SEN Annual Reviews

7.30pm: The Summer Concert

Wednesday 26th June PM: House Entertainment Rehearsals

4.30 ~ 6pm: Art Exhibition

Thursday 27th June PM: House Entertainment
Friday 28th June All day: Choir Trip to Thorpe park
Monday 1st July PM House Entertainment rehearsals

7pm The Music Captain’s Recital for the Headmaster and his Guests

Tuesday 2nd July PM House Entertainment rehearsals
Wednesday 3rd July House Entertainment competition

12 noon End of Year for the girls

PM: Staff training session on pastoral matters


2 thoughts on “Head’s Musings – Friday 21st June 2013

  1. morning more house office

    Prayers and thought please for for lucy jackson nee Reid please old girl who was at more house with priya lucy hegarty mum 1970/77. who is very unwell at the moment and awaiting transplant surgery.

    thank you


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