Musings from the Head’s Study ~ 13th September 2013


In many ways this week in school has been about ICT. On the one hand our system has been struggling a little, thanks to the fact that our new server is not behaving completely as advertised, although I am led to believe that the end to this particular woe will soon be in sight. On the other hand there has been the sight of the VIth Form receiving their School-issued iPads ~ if ever there was a case of love at first sight I suspect that this is it. It has made me wonder how they will cope when they go to university and have to leave their iPad behind ~ long-distance relationships sadly are so rarely sustainable. Still, I guess they will have to cross that bridge when they reach it. In the meantime I suspect that they will just enjoy the first flush of young love.

One of the apps which the VIth Form will come to love, I suspect, is the Firefly one which allows them access to their Firefly Dashboard. The app also acts as a very good work organiser as well as letting them receive updates from their teachers when a new piece of work is posted for them. However it is important to remember that one can access Firefly without an app. This can be done either by going to the School’s website homepage ( where there is a link to Firefly (bottom of the left-hand navigation bar) or if you really want to impress your friends by how tech-savvy you are, by typing  into your browser’s navigation window ~ note it is https because it is a special secure site.  Don’t forget that the log in is your daughter’s network log in and associated password.

There are two events to which you would be most welcome next week ~the first is the Grease sing-a-long on Tuesday to help raise funds for the Greece tour, so if you would like to share this event with your daughter and channel either your inner Pink Lady or T-Bird, then tickets are available from the School Office. The other event is our Start of Year Mass which will be held at 9.30am St Mary’s Cadogan Gardens. This is followed by the Annual Sport Day which is held in the Stadium at Battersea Park, starting at approximately 10.30 ~ 11 am.

With best wishes for an Autumnal weekend

R. M Carlysle

The weeks ahead

Monday 16th September Assembly: HPV Vaccinations talk for Year 810am: Visit by an Australian School Choir

3.30 ~ 4.30pm: Senior Chamber Choir

Tuesday 17th September 4-6pm VIth Form Portfolio Club5.30pm: Grease Sing-a-long (Fund-raiser)
Wednesday 18th September 3.30 ~ 4.45pm: Tour Choir rehearsal6.30pm: New Parents’ Drinks Reception (hosted by MHPA)
Thursday 19th September 4-6pm Life Drawing Class
Friday 20th September 9am Start of Year MassSports Day
Monday 23rd September P1-6: VIth Form Art, Textiles and History of Art trip to the Wallace Collection and Tate Modern3.30 ~ 4.30pm:Senior Chamber Choir
Tuesday 24th September 4-6pm: VIth Form Portfolio Art Club6 ~ 7.30pm: Year 8 Science Faire
Wednesday 25th September 3.30pm ~ 4.5pm: Tour Choir rehearsal
Thursday 26th September 4-6pm: VIth Form Life Drawing ClassTBC Evening Careers Event for Senior Pupils
Friday 27th September

The Prayer in the Chapel this week:

O Lord, as you withdraw sleep from the eyes of our body, grant us wakefulness of mind, so that we may stand before You in awe and sing your praises worthily.

Syrian Orthodox Prayer


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