Musings from the Head’s Study – 4th October 2013


I have always used how much my feet ache as a barometer for judging just how successful Open Evening has been and, as I write this late on Thursday night, I am very glad that I have been able to take my shoes off ~ I cannot imagine how much Mrs Leach’s feet must be paining her given the number of presentations to prospective parents she had to do, despite the fact that our date clashed with three other schools’ open events. Open Evening is always fun because it is an opportunity to do something we do not generally do as a School, namely show off ~ we tend to leave that to others in the North London Consortium, we’re a bit too understated for it ourselves ~ and I was amazed at the range of interesting things there were to see (although why I was amazed is actually beyond me when I stop to think about it, because I already know what incredible things our girls achieve!). This year I actually got to see what was going on as I was not pinned in the Dining Room doing presentations ~ that was Mrs Leach’s show. Instead I was doing for her what she has always done for me, namely buzzing around in the background making sure that everything was working smoothly. Thinking about it, it was perhaps just as well that I had this role otherwise this could have been something of a maudlin experience for me ~ my last ever Open Evening in the School that I love. As it was, the evening gave me great memories to take forward into retirement next year.

The new PE Department continues to go from strength to strength. Not only did we have a very respectable showing in the Youth mini-marathon last week but we also had two ‘presentation Assemblies’ for the awards from Sports Day including the introduction of a new Award ~ the Victrix Ludorum  ~ for each of the three levels of competition, namely Senior, Colts and Juniors.

The Victrix Ludorum for 2013 are:


Juniors: Matilda Sykes

Colts: Maria Perez-Hernandez

Senior: Abigail Oladapo


We had a very thought-provoking Form Assembly this week from one of the Year 9 groups on the power and perils of the Internet. Whilst they took, as one would have hoped, a reasonably light-hearted approach to the subject it did serve to remind me of the fact that, in the end, what determines whether a tool works for good or ill is the person who is using it. As ever it is all about the individual, the ethical standards they have and their willingness to do the right thing. Technology does not make people good, but it can make good people more efficient.

Just a quick note to welcome back the Debating Society which has now re-started for both Junior and Seniors. Details are to be found on the Activities schedule or from Mr Hegarty, the member of Staff in charge of this extra-curricular option.

And finally: a plug for the fund-raiser for the Greece Music Tour on Tuesday ~ tickets available from the School Office, and the forthcoming Celebration of Talents from More’s Household which is on Thursday and is on the topic of memory and will include a talk from an educational psychologist on how teenagers’ use of social media and digital technology seems to be having an impact on their memory and their emotional repertoire. Again, tickets can be obtained from the School Office.


With best wishes for what may be a warm October weekend

Robert Carlysle


The weeks ahead

Monday 7th October 3.30 ~ 4.30pm: Senior Chamber Choir rehearsal

4.30 ~ 5.30pm: Swimming v Queen’s Gate ~ Fulham Pools

Tuesday 8th October 4 ~ 6pm VIth Form Art Portfolio Club

Evening: Greece Tour Information Evening and Fundraising Dinner

Wednesday 9th October Morning: HPV Vaccinations Year 8

3.30 ~ 4.35pm: Tour Choir Rehearsal

Thursday 10th October 4.10 ~ 5.30pm: U13 Netball V Queen’s Gate

4.30 ~ 6pm: U14 & U15 Netball v GCH

4 ~ 6pm: VIth Form Life Drawing

7.30pm: More’s Household ~ Celebration of Talents ~ Memory

Friday 11th October 10am ~ 12.30pm: U15 Netball Tournament
Monday 14th October 2 ~ 4pm: Year 7 & Year 8 Form Tutor & Parent meetings

4.30 ~ 5.30pm: Swimming Gala v Queen’s Gate

7pm: Pre-Tour Concert

Tuesday 15th October 4.15 ~ 6pm: U14 Netball v Francis Holland

4.30 ~ 6.30pm: LVIth & UVIth Parents’ Evening

Wednesday 16th October 3.30 ~ 5pm: Tour Choir Rehearsal

7 ~ 10pm: UVIth Drama trip to see The Drowned Man

Thursday 17th October The Music Tour to Greece departs (returns 24th October)

4~6pm: VIth Form Life Drawing

Friday 18th October 10 ~ 12.30pm: U13 Netball Tournament

Year 11 GCSE First predictions


Prayer in the Chapel this week:

My heart is fixed, O God… I will sing and give praise … for the greatness of Your mercy reaches unto the heavens and Your truth unto the clouds.

Psalms; 57



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