Musings from the Head’s Study ~ 18th October 2013



So we have reached the half term marker for this term. The time seems to have flown by, with each week packed with interesting and often uplifting things. This week has been no different as it featured the wonderful pre-Tour Concert from the Tour Choir. As ever this evening gave us all an opportunity to hear both the sacred and secular repertoire for the Greece Tour. It was interesting to note that although there was a number of well-worn favourites in there, there was also enough new material to keep it fresh. There was also an opportunity to hear the latest from the Year 10 singer-songwriter combination of Mattie and Mim; why they have not put together an album of their materials yet I have no idea ~ perhaps that could be one of the first projects when the new Recording Studio is installed later in this academic year? The Greece Tour left without incident on Thursday, although I understand that they were delayed at the airport, and, at the time of writing this Blog, they are safely in Greece. I know that Mr Keeley is hoping to post material directly to the Blog as the week progresses, but that will depend on the wifi in the hotel.

The PE Department’s expansion of activities and fixtures has continued, as a glance at the  weekly calendar will show. We are now playing, on average, two fixtures per week and the early morning activities (Running Club and Boot camp) are proving increasingly popular. It was also good to see that Debate Club is back up and running (The First Rule of Debate Club is that you do talk about Debate Club), whilst Ms North’s Novel Project has reached the First Draft stage already. Rehearsals for the Autumn Production are up and running as well so there is so very much to look forward to next half term.

Next half term will, of course, see the Annual Prize-giving and you should be receiving your invitation in the post in the next few days ~ if you don’t then please do contact the School Office. You should note that we have changed the venue this year ~ the increased size of the School plus the fact that there will be a Reception afterwards to celebrate the 60th Anniversary meant that we needed a little more space than Holy Trinity could offer us. Prize-giving is an important occasion for us, whether we are prize-winners or not, because it recognises that the achievements of a few of us, ennoble us all. It is also a time to reflect on shared experiences and to remind ourselves of the values for which our community stands. Such an occasion is one of the things which helps keep us strong, which is why attendance for the girls is compulsory and why I hope as many parents as can do attend. You will be receiving further information about the mechanics of the day, in relation to your daughter, after the half term holiday and don’t forget (if if she would let you forget) that there is an occasional day’s holiday on the Friday, except for those girls (and Staff!) who are involved in the Autumn Production who have an all-day rehearsal in school.

And finally: sadly we say good-by to our excellent Marketing and Communications Assistant, Ms Boyes, who leaves us today for media pastures both new, and I suspect, more glamorous, having been headhunted by a big media company. I would like to thank her very much for all the work she has done in the short period of time she has been with us ~ including introducing this idea of a Blog to replace the hard-copy Newsletter.

With best wishes for a very pleasant Half Term holiday,

Robert Carlysle


The weeks ahead

Monday 4th November School reconvenes

P2 ~ lunch: Year 9 Geography~ Sockmob Homeless Tour

3.30 ~ 4.30pm: Senior Chamber Choir

Tuesday 5th November 4.30 ~ 6pm: U12 & U14 Netball

4-6pm: VIth Form Art Portfolio Group

Wednesday 6th November 4.30 ~ 6.30pm: Year 9 Parents Meeting
Thursday 7th November 4~6pm: VIth Form Art Life Drawing Class

6.30pm: More House Parents’ Association AGM and meeting

Friday 8th November  
Monday 11th November 3.30 ~ 4.30pm: Senior Chamber Choir
Tuesday 12th  November 4 ~ 5pm: U12 & U14 Netball v Queen’s Gate

4 ~ 6pm: VIth Form Portfolio Art Club

4~ 6pm: U13& U14 Netball v Pimlico Academy

6.30pm: Year 11 Post-GCSE Information Evening

Wednesday 13th November 4 ~ 5pm: U12 Netball v Greycoats School

4~5pm U13 & U14 Netball v Queen’s College

Thursday 14th November Prize-Giving ~ see special arrangements
Friday 15th November Occasional Holiday so School closed


9am ~ 4pm: Into the Woods Rehearsal in the Dining Room


The Prayer in the Chapel this week:

May the Lord Bless You.. May He give light to your heart with loving wisdom, and be gracious to your with eternal knowledge; may He lift up His loving countenance upon you for eternal peace.

The Dead Sea Scrolls (c 150Bc ~ 70AD)


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