November Netball Match results and reports

Below are the results of this month’s netball matches so far:

Date       Team     Opponents                               Venue League/Friendly Score
5.11.13 U12A West London Free School U12 Pimlico Academy League 3-2 WIN
5.11.13 U14A Queen’s Gate U14A Pimlico Academy League 8-0 LOSS
7.11.13 U13A Grey Coat Hospital School U13A Grey Coat Hospital School Friendly 4-4 DRAW
7.11.13 U13B Grey Coat Hospital School U13A Grey Coat Hospital School Friendly 5-2 LOSS
12.11.13 U12A Chelsea Academy U12A Pimlico Academy League 4-0 WIN
12.11.13 U12A Pimlico Academy U12A Pimlico Academy League 3-1 WIN
12.11.13 U12B Queen’s Gate U12A Battersea Park Friendly 23-0 LOSS
12.11.13 U13A Pimlico Academy U14A Pimlico Academy League 2-2 DRAW
12.11.13 U13A Sion Manning U13A Pimlico Academy League 11-0 WIN
12.11.13 U14A Queen’s Gate U14A Battersea Park Friendly 8-2 LOSS


Everyone was very nervous about the match against Chelsea Academy, but as we warmed up, we felt more confident.

We got ready into our positions, our opponents had the first pass. Lotus intercepted a lot of balls, but nobody used bounce passes. Chelsea Academy were a little crazy – they were shouting and pushing which was challenging, but we played our own game. At half time we were winning 2:0. We had a team talk at half time and were told to use different passes and stick to our markers. During the second half Maud used bounce passes. I passed to Julia who successfully passed to Juliette, then Juliette scored a wonderful goal. The final score was 3:0 to More House, so we were all very happy.

Our second match of the day was against Pimlico Academy. They looked less aggressive. We felt more relaxed because we were now in the swing of it following our first match victory. Pimlico Academy were pretty good, especially their centre player, who was small and quick. She also used different styles of passes. At half time, the score was 2:1 to us. Anastasia played some great passes and Maud jumped for the ball and won the ball when there was a toss up. Janice played well too, and passed the ball back. Finally the score was 4:1 to More House. We were extremely happy that we had won both matches.

Well done to the A team! Well done Juliette who was player of the match.



More House v Pimlico Academy (5th November 2013)

It was an exciting first match for the year 7’s and for Pimlico Academy.

The opening passes were fast and exciting and immediately a goal was scored for More House. The other team started the second round and took the ball down their end, but working as a team, Honey Smith and Lily Howard turned the match back to us, and as the ball came down our end again we were able to score another goal.

The other team worked hard but were able to beat us as we scored yet another goal winning 3 – 0. The girls all worked hard and as a team which enabled us to win. The player of the match was Juliette Clarke playing Goal Attack.

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