Musings from the Head’s Study – 22nd November 2013


Dear Parents,

The very many of you who joined us for the special 60th Anniversary Prizegiving last week will know what an extraordinary evening those of you who didn’t make it missed. The Guest of Honour was fascinating ~ and I have to agree with her ‘would you like to walk with me to the North Pole?’ is a tremendous chat-up line. What she had to say to us all was truly inspirational . The music, as ever, was mind-blowingly good as was the Head Girl’s speech. I was deeply touched, and more than a little humbled, by the quality and duration of your applause for my speech. I really enjoyed chatting to many of you
afterwards in the Governors’ Reception. My thanks to all the girls, the Staff (resplendent in their academic gowns for the evening) and especially to the Householders for the great job they did as hostesses. It really was a night to remember.

Thursday of this week saw the first Junior and Senior Concert in the Informal Concert Programme for this year. There was on offer a wonderfully eclectic mixture of pieces and performances including some absolutely awesome drumming in both the Junior and Senior events.

A reminder that tickets for this year’s School Musical Into the Woods have now gone on sale and are available from the School Office. A reminder also of the fact that the Annual Christmas Fayre is coming up so make sure that you keep that date free.

Also coming up in the near future is our Section 48 Religious Inspection. Inspectors from the Arch-diocese Inspectorate will spend the day with us on 12th December (so no jokes please about the Spanish Inquisition [which nobody expects]).

Confused about how to use the apostrophe? Don’t be! Ask your daughter because, thanks to Ms North’s ‘Apostrophe Week’ which is running until the middle of next week, she should be able to tell you.

And finally: ~ you will be delighted to know that, after a highly competitive selection process, the Governors have decided to promote Mr Keeley to the role of Deputy Head from 15th April 2014. What an excellent choice!

With best wishes for the chilly Autumn weekend,

Robert Carlysle

The weeks ahead

Sunday 24th November 9.30 ~ 4.30pm Into the Woods rehearsal
Monday 25th November P1 ~ Lunch: 7HR & 7JS trip to the BritishLibrary

All Day: VIth Form Music trip

3pm ~9pm: Thailand Expedition meetings

7.30pm LVIth Drama trip

Tuesday 26th November All Day: Year 11 Study Skills trainingP2-9: LVIth Classical Civilisation trip

4-6pm: VIth Form Portfolio Club

4.30 ~ 6pm: U13 A,B,C,D netball teams v

Francis Holland

4.30 ~ 6.30pm: Year 11 Parents’ Evening

Wednesday 27th November All Day: VIth Form Study Skills training4~5pm U12 A & B teams v Queen’s


3.30pm: Mama Mia! Sing-along

6pm: More House Singers

Thursday 28th November All day: Year 11 into VIth Form TasterDay

Christmas Tree arrives

Lunchtime: Food for Thought lunch

(More’s Household)

4-6pm: VIth Form Life Drawing

4.30 -5.30pm:U16 Netball v Queen’s Gate

Friday 29th November After School: Year 7 Sleepover(fundraising)
Sunday 1st December 9.30am -4.30pm: Into the Woods rehearsalAdvent begins
Monday 2nd December Year 6 Interview Day3.30 ~ 4.30pm: Senior Chamber Choir
Tuesday 3rd December Year 6 Interview Day4-6pm: VIth Form Portfolio Club

Dress Rehearsal for the School

7.30pm School Play ~ opening night

Wednesday 4th December Year 6 Interview DayAM Year 8 HPV Vaccinations

4pm U12 v HUH

7.30pm School Play ~ middle night

Thursday 5th December Year 6 Interview DayAll Day: UVIth Classical Civilisation trip to the British Museum

The Prayer in the Chapel this week:

Let me seek You in my desire.

Let me desire You in my seeking. Let me find You by loving You. Let me love You when I find You

Saint Anselm
(1033 – 1109)

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