Musings from the Head’s Study – 13th December 2013


Dear Parents,

This has been a great, final week of term ~ and certainly one which has packed everything in. We started the week with the MHSPA Christmas Fayre which was great fun for all concerned. I don’t know about you but I certainly went home much poorer but happier having had my pockets emptied by the girls with their various stalls. It was a delight to watch their delight in raising money for the Head Girl’s good cause by the ingenuity of their minds and the work of their hands. Congratulations to Year 8 for coming first in the MHSPA competition.

In the midst of the all of the various rehearsals for the forthcoming Christmas Concert Mr Keeley still found time to take the Senior Chamber Choir carolling outside Waitrose to raise money for charity. Talking of the Christmas Concert, do not forget that this is on Monday evening at Our Lady of Victories Church High Street Kensington. All of you are very welcome there. You would also be very welcome to our own Carol Service on the morning of our final day of term but please be aware that we are having to hold this event in School because St Mary’s did not have room for our Service thus not only will we need to be in school but also we will have to have both a Junior and a Senior Service. If you would like to share this worship with us please let the Office know in advance on Monday so that we can be sure that we have room for you.

A reminder about Ahana in Year 9. As you know she is one of the 12 finalists in a national poetry competition. The way the eventual winner is decided is by the number of national votes pledged for each young poet. You can do your bit by voting for her at:


You can vote once a day every day from now till January 17th, so you need to vote for her and keep voting for her until the end of the competition. At the moment she is still in the lead ~ lets do what we can to keep it thaway. It only takes a moment from your smartphone or iPad (or laptopbut it will make all the difference.


You will be aware of the fact that we have had our Religious Inspection this week. I am not allowed to share with you the details of the Inspection Team’s findings until their Report is officially issued at the start of next term but suffice it to say that my thanks go to those parents who returned the Inspectors’ questionnaire and to all of the girls who did so much to allow the Inspectors to see us as we truly are and who did so much to create a favourable impression in the eyes of the Inspectors. More of that later when I can write about it officially.

Congratulations also to Mattie and Amara on being awarded ‘Invited’ Status within More’s Household. Each of them has been awarded membership on the recommendations of their teachers in relation to their general work, along with, in this case, excellence in Performing Arts. As I am sure you are aware The Household is a special society within School which exists to promote and celebrate the talents of those with a particular skill or ability, as well as offering an opportunity for service to our community.

And finally: I am delighted to announce the arrival of Oscar Hextall. He actually arrived much earlier than this announcement but was very seriously ill following his birth but I am happy, and relieved, to share with you that he is now home and that mother and son are both doing fine. No doubt they will come for a visit in the near future and thus cause mayhem because nothing does that in a girls’ school more efficiently than a little baby.

With best wishes for this Advent season,

Robert Carlysle

The weeks ahead
Monday 16th December Rehearsals for the Christmas Concert

3.30 – 4.30pm~ Senior Chamber Choir

7.30pm: Christmas Concert at Our Lady

of  Victories Church

Tuesday 17th December Morning: School Carol Service (in


12 noon (approx): School ends for the

Christmas Break


The Prayer in the Chapel this week:

Lord God Almighty…

Teach us that we may inwardly love You before all things .. For You are our

Maker and our Redeemer, our help and our comfort, our trust and our hope.

Alfred, King of England

(c840 c899)





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