Musings from the Head’s Study – 10th January 2014


Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the Spring Term 2014 and a Happy New Year. Firstly let me say thank you on my own behalf and that of my Staff for the very many Christmas gifts we received from so many of you. It really was most kind, and certainly ensured that many of us entered Spring Term 2014 more rotund than we left Autumn Term 2013.

Term has been in full swing since we arrived back. Year 11 are doing their Mock GCSEs at present so are not all in School all of the time and, as I write, my colleagues are gearing up for tomorrow’s Consortium Entrance Examination for potential Year 7s for the Class of 2014 ~ 2021. As I am sure you can appreciate, this is a very strange experience for me, as this is the first set of Entrance Examinations I have not been involved in since January 2007. However I am absolutely confident that Mrs Leach and the other members of the Leadership Team will have it all under control and it will be business as usual.

You may have already received information from Mr. Robertson about a new House competition which he, and the other Heads of House, are introducing this term. The Entrepreneurial challenge to raise money for charity is a modern take on the Parable of the Talents and should be great fun for the girls concerned as well as, hopefully, raising money for good causes.

We have already had two Netball fixtures and one Drama trip this week, and thus this term, and Mr Keeley is already auditioning members of the Senior Chamber Choir for solo parts in this term’s 60th Anniversary Spring Concert. Ahana Ogle, our Poetry Games Finalist from Year 9 remains out in front of the field despite the impact of the Christmas holidays on voting. The competition has 7 more voting days to run, so please keep your support going but, win or lose, she can take a great deal of satisfaction knowing that her entry was 1st amongst 32,000 just to get this far (but wouldn’t it be great if she won? [so keep voting!]).

And finally: seen in School this week was young Master Oscar Hextall with his mother, guaranteeing a substantial outbreak of billing and cooing in the manner that only a sleeping baby with a blue rabbit can do in a Girls’ School. It was great to see how well Mrs Hextall was and to hear that her Maternity Leave is on track.

With best wishes for a sunny weekend

(we can only hope)

Robert Carlysle


Monday 13th January Year 10 & Year 11 Controlled Assessment Tasks Science (all week during lesson time)

4-5pm: U12 & U13 football v GCH

3.30 ~ 4.40pm Senior Chamber Choir

6.30pm: MHSPA Committee meeting

Tuesday 14th January 4 ~ 5.30pm: Drama Rehearsal

4.30 ~ 5.10pm: U12 A Netball v Pimlico


5 @ 6pm: U19 Hockey v FH (Battersea


Wednesday 15th January Pm: Year 11 Mocks finish

4 ~ 5pm: U13 A & B Netball v LM

Thursday 16th January 4 ~ 5.30pm: Drama Rehearsal

4 ~ 5pm: U13A Netball v PP (Battersea park)

Friday 17th January  
Monday 20th January Year 10 & Year 11 Controlled Assessment Tasks Science (all week during lesson time)

All day: UVIth Biologists on Field Trip

3.30 ~ 4.40pm: Senior Chamber Choir

Tuesday 21st January All day: UVIth Biologists on Field Trip

4 ~ 5.30pm: Drama Rehearsals

Wednesday 22nd January All day: UVIth Biologists on Field Trip

3.30 ~ 5.30pm :VIth Form Art & Textiles


Thursday 23rd January All day: UVIth Biologists on Field Trip Year 11 Post-Mock Interviews with the Head-designate

More’s Household Food for Thought lunch

4~ 5.30pm: Drama Rehearsal

4.30 ~ 5.30pm: U13 A Netball v SJ

(Battersea Park)

Friday 24th January All day: UVIth Biologists on Field Trip

All day: Year 10 & Year 11 GCSE Music

Revision trip


The Prayer in the Chapel this week:

Eternal God, the refuge of all of your children,

In our weakness you are our strength, In our darkness our light…

May we always live in Your presence, and serve You in our daily lives.

Saint Boniface

(c672 754)


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