Musings from the Head’s Study – 17th January 2014


Dear Parents,

A reasonably quiet week this week, as is perhaps befitting the week in which the GCSE Mocks finished. The Year 11s are now back in School and awaiting their results as these are significant in predicting what they are likely to get in the ‘real thing’ later in the year. That said we had several PE fixtures during the week after School including a very impressive Netball win over Holland Park. Clearly the new School Team strip (kindly donated by More House Parents’ Association) is making all the difference, although I suspect Ms Minto’s coaching might also have something to do with it.

I also attended a MHPA Committee Meeting (one of my last!) where plans were being made for the Annual Quiz Night which will be coming soon. Tickets will be available from your Year Representatives. Space is limited so don’t delay! They also have exciting plans for other events during the rest of the year so watch this space.

Ahana is still out ahead in the Poetry Games and the voting ends today at midnight so please make sure that you put in one last vote for our finalist. There can be only one champion. Let’s make it ours!

I am still awaiting the final version of the Report arising from the Section 48 Religious Inspection which we had last term. Until this has been released for publication I am afraid that I cannot share with you any of its details. I am hopeful that it may reach us over the weekend, but who can tell? Whilst on the topic of religious matters, our congratulations must go to our Patron Archbishop Vincent Nichols on his elevation to the position of Cardinal as announced by the Vatican earlier this week.

I hope that you have found lurking in your daughter’s bag your hard copy of the first of the 60th Anniversary issues of More in Depth, one of the sister publications to the School’s Blog. If not, do see if you can encourage her to give it to you as this issue really captures the range of activities and achievements which are the norm here. The issue contains a review of Into the Woods, an account of the Music Tour, Sports pages and another instalment of the serialisation of the early History of the School and, as they say, ‘much, much more!’. If you fail to extract it from your daughter’s bag (“Im going in ~ I may be some time) then you can find a digital version on the publications page of the School’s website.

And finally, I regret that I will be out of School for just under two weeks from 21st January as I have to have an operation and then a short period of convalescence before I will be fit to return. As I understand it the anaesthetic takes several days to work through one’s system and that during that time one’s decision-making skills are substantially impaired.

However, given the fact that I am somewhat keen on having an anaesthetic, I am prepared to accept this side effect. I have therefore decided to hand over the running of the School to Mrs Leach completely for that period of time, rather than trying to run things from my recovery bed whilst fighting off the dozy side effects, and thus she will be Acting Head in my absence.

With best wishes for the weekend,

Robert Carylsle

The weeks ahead

Monday 20th January Year 10 & Year 11 Controlled Assessment Tasks Science (all week during lesson time)

All day: UVIth Biologists on Field Trip

3.30 ~ 4.40pm: Senior Chamber Choir

Tuesday 21st January All day: UVIth Biologists on Field Trip

4 ~ 5.30pm: Drama Rehearsals

Wednesday 22nd January All day: UVIth Biologists on Field Trip

3.30 ~ 5.30pm :VIth Form Art & Textiles


Thursday 23rd January All day: UVIth Biologists on Field Trip Year 11 Post-Mock Interviews with the Head-designate

More’s Household Food for Thought


4~ 5.30pm: Drama Rehearsal

4.30 ~ 5.30pm: U13 A Netball v SJ (Battersea Park)

Friday 24th January All day: UVIth Biologists on Field Trip

All day: Year 10 & Year 11 GCSE Music

Revision trip

Monday 27th January 3.30pm ~ 4.30pm: Senior Chamber Choir
Tuesday 28th January All day: VIth Form French course

All day: Elizabeth Scholarship Interviews for Year 11

4.30 ~ 4.55pm: U13A Netball v WLFS

5 ~ 5.25pm: U14A Netball v HP

5.30 ~ 5.55pm: U12A Netball v HP

4.30pm: Junior Informal Concert

6.30pm: Senior Informal Concert

Wednesday 29th January 3.30 ~ 5.30pm: VIth Form Art and

Textiles Workshop

4 ~5.30pm: Drama Rehearsal

4.30 ~ 7.30pm: Junior Debating Team

Thursday 30th  January 4 – 5.30pm: Drama Rehearsal

4.30 ~ 5.30pm: U15A Netball v PP

4.40 ~ 5.40pm: U18&U16 Combined v QG

7.30pm: Year 11 & VIth Form Drama trip

Friday 31st January All day: Year 11 Spanish course

3.45pm: U14 football v G&L


The Prayer in the Chapel this week:

Living Lord, You have watched over me …

Your Holy Angels have protected me from all harm and pain; To You, Lord, I owe life itself.

Continue to watch over me and bless me.

Jakob Bohe

(c 1575 ~ 1624)


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