Living for Sport Day with GB Boxer Hannah Beharry

Today, fourteen Year 7 and four Year 10 students excitedly waited for the launch of the “Living for Sport” programme. The morning began with the girls being introduced to our professional athlete mentor, Hannah Beharry, along with Di Doherty, the presenter of the popular Saturday morning television programme “Game Changers”.



Hannah challenged the girls to complete a range of team-building tasks whilst focusing on the six key values for the programme:

  • – Mental toughness
  • – Hunger to achieve
  • – People skills
  • – Sports and life knowledge
  • – Breaking barriers
  • – Planning for success.


The girls performed exceptionally well, Hannah was most impressed with their commitment to working together and communicating effectively in order to pass the tasks which were at times quite difficult.

Hannah then spoke inspirationally to the girls about her life experience, how she got in to boxing and how hard she had to work to achieve her goals – even becoming World Champion. She encouraged the girls to set their own goals, using the six key values and set targets as to how they were going to achieve their target of completing the House 10km Challenge in the summer term.

The morning continued with a fitness session in Cadogan Gardens where the students and Di were put the test by Hannah, a boxer and former World Champion. Hannah had the girls running, skipping and performing core body exercises such as sit ups, burpees and press ups. After a quick snack to restore energy levels, Hannah concluded the session by signing autographs for the girls.



However, the real challenge starts here with the Year 10 girls leading 12 weeks’ worth of team-building and fitness sessions to prepare the Year 7’s for the House 10km Challenge. Watch this space for updates on the team’s progress!


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