Musings from the Head’s Study – 14th February 2014


Dear Parents,

Another busy week as we reach the end of the first half of the Spring Term, and of course the realization, for me, that this is the last time that this happens for me. When we return after the Half Term holiday I shall have 6 week’s teaching left in my career – how an earth did this happen? (Strangely I feel the same when I look at the fact that my daughter is now in her 20’s – it feels like only yesterday that she was a toddler).

Congratulations to MHSPA on a very successful Quiz Night. I was pleased to see that the Staff Team, ably led by Mrs Leach, ended in the middle of the field, but once again it would appear that ‘sanctioned cheating’ carried the day in the form of the ability to pur- chase the right to use an iPad or iPhone! Clearly everyone had a great night and the event ended up being a fund-raiser even though it is not designed to be one so congratulations to the members of the organizing committee.

You will probably have heard from your daughter that it was announced in School early in the week that Miss Dakoda, our dance teacher, has had her baby and that mother and daughter are doing well. Also seen in School this week was Mrs Smith and her son Dexter, as Mrs Smith came for a visit during her Maternity Leave. As ever, this visit demonstrated that there is nothing more guaranteed to reduce a girls’ school to chaos than the visit of a popular teacher and a cute baby. It should be noted that Master Dexter took all of the ado- ration calmly in his stride – perhaps he recognised that this was just a foretaste of his destiny?

The LVIth have been sitting their AS mid-terms this week as part of the process of prepar- ing them for the ‘real thing’ in the summer. These practice examinations are sited where they are in the calendar because January, when the other Mock are sat, are just too early to make them meaningful. The LVIth seem to be approaching them calmly which is good to see.

Thursday was the Music Captain’s Recital and this was a truly wonderful night. For those of you who are not familiar with this event, it is an invitation-only black-tie recital given

by the Music Captain, supported normally by other members of More’s Household, for the Head and it is the School’s gift to the office as it is the one event in the year in which the Head has no role save to turn up and enjoy it all. As ever the talent of our girls was breath- taking. I was particularly touched by the fact that Magda, the Music Captain, had shaped the evening’s music to reflect both my interests and my involvement with our School in recognition of the fact that it was the last time that I would receive this gift. My thanks, as ever, go to Magda and her performers (including some of my colleagues), the members of the Household who acted as ushers and hostesses, and of course the members of Staff who stood behind them all to make this happen, especially Mr. Keeley, Mrs Leach and Ms Atti.

And finally – please find a moment in your day today to remember that it is not only St Valentine’s Day but it is also the day of Ms North’s marriage. We all wish her, and her husband, the greatest of happiness on this day and for the rest of their lives.

With best wishes for the half term break

Robert Carlysle

The weeks ahead

Monday 24th February School reconvenes after Half Term

3.30pm ~ 4.30pm: Senior Chamber Choir

3.30 ~ 9.30pm: Ski practice at Hemel

Snow Centre

Tuesday 25th February  

4 ~ 5.30pm: Drama Rehearsals

5 ~ 6pm: U15 Hockey v Francis Holland

4 ~ 8.30pm: Outlook Expedition

Wednesday 26th February 3.30 ~ 4.45pm: Junior and Senior Choirs Evening: Year 10 ~ UVIth Drama BAC event
Thursday 27th February 4 – 5.30pm: Drama Rehearsal

4 ~ 5pm: VIth Form netball v LM

6.30pm : Year 9 Options Meeting

Friday 28th February  
Monday 3rd March 3.30pm Senior Chamber Choir
Tuesday 4th March 3.30 ~ 4.30pm: U12 Netball v PP (Battersea Park)

4 ~ 5.30pm: Drama Rehearsal

Wednesday 5th March 11.30am ~ 2pm: Year 9 Music trip to the

Royal Festival Hall

P8: Ash Wednesday Service

3.30 ~ 4.45pm: Junior and Senior Choir rehearsals

Thursday 6th March Year 10 Science Live!

4 ~ 5.30pm: Drama rehearsal

6pm: More House Association AGM and

Annual Dinner

Friday 7th March pm : Year 8 fundraising sleep over in



The Prayer in the Chapel this week:

O Lord, as You withdraw sleep from the eyes of our body, grant us wakeful- ness of mind, so that we may stand before You in awe and sing Your praises worthily.



Syrian Orthodox Prayer

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