Musings from the Head’s Study – 7th March 2014



Dear Parents,

It is usually the case that I find time racing by at this time in the academic year but it seems even more so at the moment, perhaps for obvious reasons. At present, conscious as I am that very soon the number of days I have left in school, as opposed to actually being Head of More House, will hit single figures, I am attempting to savor each day, and to try to make it as productive as I can. On Saturday I spent the day in School conducting public examination Access Arrangements with some of the girls as I am aware that this is something I can do for them which, presently, no other member of Staff can. Although 6 days in school is not something I would recommend on a regular basis (although, that said, I did part of my training in a school which had Saturday School) it was a delight to work with such willing subjects and this is an area I have told Mrs Leach I would be happy to help with in the future if I am needed.

Mrs Leach and Mr Keeley have spent some time this week involved in appointing a new Director of Music to start in September. This has been necessary since Mr Keeley will find that much of his time next academic year is consumed by being Mrs Leach’s Deputy. That said, I am sure he will be keeping his hand in with at least one of the choirs, so that the Keeley magic touch will not be lost. Look for an announcement of who will be stepping into this role over the next few weeks.

We had a splendid Ashes service on Wednesday which was so well attended that we needed to put out extra chairs in the Dining Room before we could start. Our Chaplain preached an excellent homily which reminded us all of the reason that we are marked with the sign of ashes at this time – to remind us both of the inevitability of our eventual deaths (‘Man, from dust you came, and unto dust shall you return’) and also that through the Cross and the Resurrection death is just a door and not an end.

Thursday was World Book Day and in School there was, as usual, various events including posters highlighting what various members of Staff are reading at the moment and the first reading of the opening sections of the School Novella. This has been a project which has been run by the English and Drama Department for the last term and a half and has involved different Year Groups writing sections of the Novella, the action of which is set in the School’s building before we came here. Hard copies and e-books will be available shortly.

Friday was a charity mufti-day themed on ‘inspirational women’ to celebrate International Women’s Day. This was great fun and pictures of the event will be coming to the School’s Blog very soon!

Please allow me to give you a quick reminder about forthcoming events for which you should be getting your tickets now:


  • The 60th Anniversary Spring Concert and post-concert Reception: 25th March
  • The Celebration of Talents: 27th March
  • Madnesstookme: 1st April

All tickets are available from the School Office.


And finally: MHSPA are organising a 60th Anniversary Dinner Dance next term. Details of this event have been posted directly to you by the Organising Committee – please watch for it, and support this event if you can.

With best wishes for the weekend.

Robert Carlysle

The weeks ahead

Monday 10th March 3.30pm Senior Chamber Choir
Tuesday 11th March 3.30 ~ 4.30pm: U12 & U13 Netball v Portman Place

4.30 ~ 6.30pm ~ Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Wednesday 12th March Year 8 Geography trip to the Royal Observatory

3.30 ~ 4.30pm: Junior and Senior Choir rehearsals

4.30   ~ 8pm: Middle School Debating Team to Godolphin and Latymer School

5.30pm: UVIth A2 Drama assessed practical

Thursday 13th March Lunchtime: More’s Household Food for Thought   lunch

4.30 ~ 5.30pm ~ Drama Rehearsal

Friday 14th March
Saturday 15th March Sports Reward trip to watch Surrey Storm
Monday 17th March Sports Relief Week starts

3.30 ~ 4.40pm: Senior Chamber Choir rehearsals

6.30pm:   MHSPA Committee meeting

Tuesday 18th March 4 ~ 5.30pm: Drama rehearsals
Wednesday   19th March Mr Carlysle out on ISI duty

3.30   ~ 4.45pm: Junior and Senior Choir rehearsals

Thursday 20th March Mr Carlysle out on ISI duty

All day: Year 11 GCSE PE moderation

4.30 ~ 6.30pm Year 10 Parents’ Evening

Friday 21st March Mr Carlysle out on ISI duty

3.30pm   Sports Relief Fancy Dress Mile Run (Hyde Park)

Saturday 22nd March To be confirmed: Junior and Senior Choir rehearsals.


The Prayer in the Chapel this week:

God give me work till my life shall end and life till my work is done.

Winifred Holtby

(1898 – 1953)


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