Tenner Challenge Consultancy Lunch with Mr Richard Farleigh

Report from Mr Robertson: Tenner Challenge

As we now approach the half way point of the Tenner challenge it was time for a spot of management consultancy.  Many thanks to Richard Farleigh (a real life dragon!) for kindly giving up his time to offer advice and discuss business terminology with a selection of the budding entrepreneurs at More House.


The challenge began at the start of March when House teams were formed and £10 notes were handed around. The challenge was simple; create as much profit as possible by the end of March with only a ten pound initial investment. Since then there has been much wheeling and dealing taking place, at break times and lunch times and I am sure a few deals have been struck at the back of the Maths classroom! With Miss Minto’s work on healthy lifestyle long since forgotten there are numerous pick’n’mix options floating around school as well as the exceptionally tasty marshmallows coated in chocolate which I am sure any drink connoisseur would immediately pair with a milkshake made by the Iona Year 7 team. Other teams have been selling flowers (please feel free to place an order with Flora or Sky) or selling bracelets. It is not just products on sale either; the Year 9 Santiago team is offering nail painting to break into the service industry.

All of the profits are going to be given to a charity of that House’s choice and with some teams almost at £200 it seems yet again that the girls at More House have yet again risen to the challenge … the Tenner challenge.

IMG_6801 IMG_6817 IMG_6820 IMG_6822

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