Activities Week Diary Update: Year 8 – France

We have received a live update from Mr Robertson, all the way from France:

Arrived safe after a delightful 17 hour journey. Not the highlight of the trip but a necessary evil and well worth the monotony of the French motorways. The weather has not been quite as expected with everybody wrapped up against the rain. Spirits weren’t dampened though as the girls tackled the rock faces and squeezed through holes in the limestone rocks. Everybody managed to complete at least one climb and everyone felt a real sense of achievement that first night. The high ropes the next day were in the clouds and after a safety talk people split into groups and tackled a variety of different rope walks, zip wires and obstacles high up in the trees. A swim in the pool and some old classics of 40-40 home and hide and seek were played before dinner and then preparations were made for the two day river descent. As I write this we have just unloaded the canoes and most importantly lunch and there is a buzz around the group with the excitement of sleeping under the stars, lunch on a beech and a BBQ tonight to look forward to.

More to come.

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