Views from the Headmistress’ Study – 6th June 2014


Dear Parents,

Although exams for the whole school are on the horizon, there is still a buzz around school about activities week. All of the photos that I have seen show groups of girls having a fantastic time away from school. The highlight of the 7’s in Germany was the theme park and shopping where some of them successfully tried out their German. Year 8’s gave us a wonderful assembly on ‘coping without a phone signal’ as they canoed for 2 days in the Ardeche and realised that actually it was more fun to spend time with each other and chat.

‘Look up’

I have four-hundred-and-twenty-two friends, yet I’m lonely. 
I speak to all of them everyday, yet none of them really know me .

A world of self-interest, self-image, self-promotion 
Where we all share our best bits, but, leave out the emotion 

We edit and exaggerate, crave adulation 
We pretend not to notice the social isolation 
So when you’re in public, and you start to feel alone 
Put your hands behind your head, step away from the phone! 
You don’t need to stare at your menu, or at your contact list 
Just talk to one another, learn to coexist 

So look up from your phone, shut down the display 

Take in your surroundings, make the most of today 
Just one real connection is all it can take 
To show you the difference that being there can make 

We are all guilty of being part of this machine 
This digital world, we are heard but not seen 
Where we type as we talk, and we read as we chat 
Where we spend hours together without making eye-contact 

So don’t give into a life where you follow the hype 
Give people your love, don’t give them your ‘like’ 
Disconnect from the need to be heard and defined 
Go out into the world, leave distractions behind. 

Look up from your phone 
Shut down that display 
Live life the real way


Year 9’s have made me laugh with their stories of crabbing and doughnut riding down in Devon and the year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Expedition always seem to end up walking twice as far, around the Sussex country side, as they were meant to!

The AS and A level art and textile students have been transforming the Studio into their own Art Gallery. The work is varied and stunning and you will be in for a real treat at the Art Exhibition on the 18th June. Some prospective parents have been lucky enough to have a sneak preview and they have been amazed by the ideas and quality of the work. Make sure if you come to the Art Exhibition you have a good look through the books that the girls put together through the year. They show just how much hard work, thinking and analysis goes into their final piece.

On Tuesday we invited year 5 girls and their parents from selected prep schools to come and have afternoon tea and see that there is ‘More than just the classroom’. During the afternoon we showcased some of the wonderful activities and events which go on throughout the year. They could not believe how much we pack in and achieve and the year 7’s who were our ambassadors for the afternoon, certainly had a lot to say about their first year at More House. It was lovely to have Lucy (Head Girl) and Jemima (Drama Captain) there to talk about their experiences over the last seven years and their aspirations for beyond Pont Street.

But the fun is over for a week as the internal examinations start on Monday. Good luck to everyone.


The weeks ahead

Monday 9th June Start of Internal Examinations

L6th Work Experience – All Week

4.15 – 5.15pm: U13 & U15 Rounders vs Queen’s College

Tuesday 10th June 6pm More House Singers

4.00 – 5.00pm: U13 & U15 Rounders vs Queen’s College

Wednesday 11th June RS GCSE Year 10

7pm: Race for Life – Battersea Park

Thursday 12th June GCSE Book Return and Strawberries
Friday 13th June Internal Exams Finish
Monday 16th June Year 7 Bodiam Castle Trip

U12 – U15 Swimming Gala vs 4 – 5

Fulham Prep

Tuesday 17th June Year 9 Trip to Fishbourne
Wednesday 18th June 4.30 – 6.30pm: Art Exhibition

6pm: More House Singers

Thursday 19th June Food for Thought Lunch
Friday 20th June St Thomas More – Mass & House Sports

6.30pm: U6th Farewell Party


Prayer of the week:

Dear Lord,

I pray the I am able to overcome the things I find difficult and the obstacles I face. I pray that I do the best I can and that all goes well.

A prayer written by an examination student


2 thoughts on “Views from the Headmistress’ Study – 6th June 2014

  1. Exam week! oh my! feels more like an “exam term”!! I guess this is all good preparation for the future – but I am indeed stunned by the amount of things that get fitted into term time!

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