Views from the Headmistress’ Study: End of Year


Dear Parents,

The penultimate week before the end of term and we were still working and playing hard. Monday started off with a Drugs talk by Simon Leigh, an addiction counsellor, to the Year 10 and Sixth form girls, followed by a talk to the parents in the evening. It was frightening the statistics he gave us in terms of how many young people today try drugs at an early age. However, we all came away better informed about the dangers from using different drugs. An eye opening talk!

Tuesday night was the final event for this academic year from the music department. We were treated to performances from all the school choirs, jazz group, percussion group, peripatetic staff and also the winners of the music competition. Well done to Miriam, Caroline, Bella, Emma, Mim, Matty and Charlotte for entertaining us with their winning performances. Mr Keeley had an opportunity to thank his dedicated UVIth chamber choir members who leave More House this year. I hope that they find ways of continuing music at their universities. We also thanked Mr Keeley himself who steps down from Director of Music as he takes on the role of my Deputy Head. Although there will be a new member of the Department, I know that he will still play an enormous part in the music.

It was off to Hyde Park on Thursday afternoon to complete various running challenges. Some girls and staff ran 10k, some 5k and some 2.5k. It was a tremendous effort from all the girls and staff and although there were some sore legs at the end, there were lots of smiles as they crossed the finish line. The girls were then invited to the first Sportswomen’s Dinner at More House. Miss Minto and Mr Garwood took us through the sporting calendar for the year and it was amazing to hear how much the sport has grown over the year. I could not believe that we had had 40 fixtures in the autumn term alone. The U12A Netball team were voted the Team of the Year, Grace won Junior Sportswoman, Maria won Intermediate and Brynne won Senior. There was also a big thank you to Maria, Ella, Ellie and Ines for guiding some of the year 7 girls through the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme. I cannot thank Miss Minto and Mr Garwood enough for bringing sport back into More House and making it such a successful year.

The final event of the week was a History and English trip for Year 9 to the Battlefields. It was a very long day for all but very memorable. The day was made even more special by Miss Crawley and Rosanna finding the graves of their relatives. In Miss Crawley’s case, Lieutenant Ronald Poulton- Palmer her great, great uncle and Rosanna’s Great, great grandfather.

I cannot believe we have reached the end of the academic year. The final event of the term was the House Entertainment competition. The theme this year was ‘Space’ and there were some amazing props, costumes, choreography, music and story lines. The girls and staff always make it so difficult to decide the winner so I had Mr Keeley and Ms Forsyth help me this year and we decided that Iona were to take the trophy home. The House of the Year was also awarded, this year to Canterbury (scores will appear in another posting).

Final assembly is always a mixed affair. On one hand, we celebrate all the wonderful events over the year but also say goodbye to some of the girls and staff. Mr Benson is leaving us for France, Mrs Clapham is off to teach in Surrey, Miss Crozier is to become Assistant Head at another school in London, Miss Ahmed is leaving to join another school, Mrs Taylor is off on maternity leave and Mrs Maudsley, Mrs Parrott and Mrs Haig are about to retire from teaching and start new adventures. We wish them all the best.

Have a wonderful summer holiday, safe travels and I look forward to seeing you at the beginning of September. 

Amanda Leach


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