Head Girl’s Blog – 5th September 2014


Welcome to the new Head Girl’s blog!

My name is Charlotte and I am the Head Girl for the school year 2014/2015. I will be posting and updating this blog throughout the academic year. We have had a fantastic start to the year already with the arrival of our new, bubbly year 7 girls.

photo 5

I would like to start off by introducing the School Officers 2014/2015:

Charlotte De Vega – Head Girl

Emma McWalter – Deputy Head

Ellie Isaacs – Mentor Liaisons

Biba Thomas – Drama Captain

Ridhimma Ramnani – Music Captain

Domenica Marland – Santiago House Captain

Suhayla Moussaoui – Santiago House Captain

Habibat Udenson – Williams – Iona House Captain

Lydia Evans – Garcia – Iona House Captain 

Natasha Hanif – Walsingham House Captain 

Olivia Keough – Walsingham House Captain

Emma McWalter – Canterbury House Captain

Zara Hare – Canterbury House Captain

School Officers 2014

photo 4

photo 2

We are really looking forward to this upcoming year – make sure to check out my blog to keep updated!

Charlotte De Vega

Head Girl 2014/2015

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