Science Fair 2014

The Science Fair was yet another great success.  The standard of the projects this year were higher than ever before and made the selection process quite a challenge for the science staff.  The students were asked to come up with their own scientific investigation and follow it through the planning process, experimental method, analysis of results and conclusion.  They did this in their own time over the summer holiday.  It was remarkable how many students had put in so much time and effort.

First prize went to Maud Bridel and Elena Gupta for the most creative project.  They decided to measure the heart rate of people of different ages in reaction to a variety of scary movie scenes: an original idea carried out  with scientific vigour.  The prize for the best methodology went to Melissa Pratt who independently carried out a rigorous scientific experiment to see how many pennies it took to sink a toy boat.  Aoife Chapman and Sara Ho were awarded highly commended prizes for carrying out projects with thorough background research and excellent execution of fair testing.

All the competitors in Year 8 should be very proud of their hard work; it was a wonderful evening.

Ms Seconi and Mrs Hextall

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