Views from the Headmistress’ Study – 26th September 2014


Dear Parents,

Firstly, I must say what a fabulous day we had last Friday for the Start of Term Mass and Sports Day. Fr. Michael spoke to us about using our talents with which we have been blessed. How true for the day; the music from the Senior Chamber Choir was glorious as they led us through the Kyrie, Sanctus and Benedictus and Isabel and Matty gave us time to reflect whilst they performed for us. It was then off to Battersea Park to break some school records and compete for the Sports Day Trophy. It was a close thing all day between Canterbury and Iona and it was Iona who brought the trophy home. You may have heard, from Miss Minto’s account, that the Staff Relay was a particular favourite of the day!

This week has seen the girls enjoying trips, clubs, activities, events and rehearsals.

On Monday, the Lower Sixth History of Art group went off to the Wallace Collection to attend a lecture on ‘Visual Analysis and Interpretation: introducing Approaches to Art History’. The skills that they learnt will be valuable in interpreting the paintings which they will be studying this year.

Tuesday evening saw the annual Science Fair. The Dining Room was full of budding scientists from Year 8 talking enthusiastically about their projects. As a scientist myself, it was fascinating to see the ideas that the girls came up with and the experiments that they conducted. We had everything from bath bombs, to chocolate, to glow in the dark ice cream! We know that science can change our future and the future of our world lies in the hands of young people like the Year 8’s. Well done to everyone. The winners for the evening were Maud, Elena, Melissa, Aoife and Sara.

On Thursday we had Dr. Bryony Bamford talking to the girls, staff and parents about Eating Disorders. Bryony increased our awareness and understanding of eating disorders as well as providing us all with support and advice for a problem which we cannot ignore. The girl’s talk focussed on awareness, Long term impact of eating disorders, Bullying awareness, Media and social media awareness and literacy, advice on what to do if you are struggling and what to do if a friend is struggling. Thank you to the Parents’ Association for sponsoring this event for us.

The week started off with a cake sale by Amara, Eve and Flora who raised over £120 for Save the Children and it finished with a coffee morning for MacMillan Cancer Support. It was lovely to see so many parents enjoying a cup of tea and a cake and having a chat. Thank to everyone who donated cakes, their time and their money~ we raised just over £400, which was incredible.

Have a restful weekend

Mrs Amanda Leach


Monday 29th September 3.30pm – 5pm: Senior Chamber Choir
Tuesday 30th September 7.30pm: U6 English Theatre Trip
Wednesday 1st October 9.00am: GCSE Art trip to the British Museum

3.30pm – 5pm Rome Tour Rehearsal

Thursday 2nd October NO PM School

4.30pm: Whole School Open Evening

Friday 3rd October 9.00am: L6th & U6th Art trip to the National Art Gallery
Monday 6th October Year 9 Trip to the National Gallery

3.30pm – 5pm Senior Chamber Choir

AS English Trip to Trafalgar Studios

Tuesday 7th October Year 7 Trip to the National Gallery

3.30pm – 6pm: RBKC Mini Marathon Trials

6pm – 9pm: Rome Tour Information and Fundraising Evening

Wednesday 8th October Year 8 Trip to the National Gallery

3.30pm – 5pm: Rome Tour Rehearsal

Thursday 9th October Language trip to Berlin leave

6pm: More’s Household Exhibition


Prayer of the week from our Prayer Book:

Heavenly Father,

May we live up to the example set us

by your Son in all that we say and do.

Through Christ our Lord,


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