Head Girl’s Blog – Prizegiving 2014


Hello All!

Apologies for not updating in a while…

Congratulations to everyone who received prizes at Prize Giving! It was a fabulous evening and an honour to have Kate Bellingham as the guest speaker, her speech was indeed very inspirational.

For those interested, my speech will be attached below.

Form Reps for the new School Council are currently being elected, and I will be updating and releasing all the names on this blog very soon, so stay tuned!



Prizegiving Speech 2014

Hello and good evening everybody. My name is Charlotte and it’s my privilege to say a few words as Head Girl of More House School.

Dr Bellingham, it’s been so inspiring to be able to hear your thoughts tonight about how we can make a springboard for the future today. Thank you for sharing with us your experience of making important life decisions. Maybe one day some of us will be residents of Bellingham Court.

I remember clearly my first few days at More House as a keen, and very petite, year 7. It was a struggle trying find uniform small enough so that didn’t reach my ankles… that’s both skirts and hoodies. On induction day, whilst washing down my Kit Kat with a small carton of orange, or if you’re lucky apple juice, I saw the 6th formers. I remember being taken aback by how fantastically adult they were … and how I longed to be one of them…

So I struck up enough courage to speak to the deity that was the head girl at the time.

While talking to her I soon realised how ‘totally uncool’ it was to be wearing my grossly oversized school coat indoors, and took it off at great pace.

I then asked her, hesitantly… “How do you become head girl?”

Her answer was one I was not expecting, and left me a little confused: “All you’ve got to do is make some serious waves” she said.

I wondered, did this mean joining the swimming team?

Was I to go on the surfing trip to Knapp House?

For the past 6 years, I have been making as many waves as possible.

I got involved with pretty much every extra curricular activity that is humanly possible, and soon found out what a great atmosphere there is to the non-academic side of More House such as the house competitions, the Christmas Fayre, choir and music tours and even ‘geek club’, or as we now like to call it ‘the campanology crew’.

Now that I’m at the top of the school, and top of the stairs… panting, I cannot single out one specific thing that I love about More House, because it has not only been a school for me, but an experience that will stay with me forever.

And now with university looming, I realise that I have a countless number of people to thank in this church tonight, for making me who I am now through their guidance and most excellent teaching.

And also all the wonderful people in my year, who I cannot thank enough, for being the best company on this journey and to be honest, growing up with me. I can truly say that More House is like a family.

Before I finish, I thought I would do exactly as Mr Keeley does every morning in the notices and leave music to last, because what is more important than music?

I would like to thank the staff and congratulate the girls on such a wonderful achievement who got to sing in front of 75,000 people at the beatification of Pope Paul VI. Not bad for a small, hidden gem in the middle of Knightsbridge.

Another one of the things I will never forget are Ms Revell’s morning motivations “come on girls, mountains to climb, rivers to cross, people to see”.

And over my 6 years, and now 7th at More House, I have climbed many a mountain, crossed quite the number of rivers, and seen a fair amount of people. I realise that, we are all in the absolute best place to do exactly that.

So, to all of you who are lucky enough to have many years left here, my advice to you is to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

It is true that all girls are different, but I think that all More House girls hold a recognisable quality: a special spark, a certain flare. Even when you see an old girl, you can tell that, as Mr Carlysle used to say, it made a difference to that one.

Thank You.


2 thoughts on “Head Girl’s Blog – Prizegiving 2014

  1. Charlotte – I thought your speech was pretty inspirational as well and hope very much my daughter was listening. It had the perfect balance of relevance, personal interest and humour, and in my humble opinion, very well delivered. We are very lucky to have such an accomplished Head Girl! Thank you.

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