Music For Youth 2014 – Royal Albert Hall

On the 12th November, Flora O’Doherty and I had the privilege of accompanying Mr Keeley to the Music For Youth Prom concert at the Royal Albert Hall, featuring the best young musicians from schools around the country. It was not only a spectacular atmosphere … but also a spectacular performance! All music genres from classical all the way to jazz and pop were represented and the audience was soon standing up and dancing. There was even a hilarious performance of part of the musical The Book of Mormon! We were lucky enough to watch the concert from a VIP box in which we were supplied with non-alcoholic beverages and tons of tasty nibbles! Overall the night was a complete success.. and proved what extraordinary musical talent exists in schools up and down the country.

– Amara Riva Rossi=10941720016_cbfbc39cfa_o 10839735005_69ca980cc6_o

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