Views from the Headmistress’ study – End of Term


Dear Parents,

The last few days of term have been filled with music, bible readings, poems, sport, fun, laughter, oh and lots of colds and snuffles!

Before we were able to cosy up on the sofa, watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ for the one hundredth time, More House was busy winding up for the end of term.

On Monday evening we had a wonderful carol concert in Our Lady of Victories Church. The poems written by the girls were lovely and the music as beautiful as ever. It is a sure sign of Christmas being upon us, when the Senior Chamber Choir sing the Ceremony of Carols and the Handbell ringers dust off their bells.


Tuesday evening saw the first staff vs staff netball match, which was fiercely battled out between team Robertson, Keeley and Garwood. The winning team of Mr Robertson, saw skill, speed, determination and jolly good sportsmanship, to convincingly raise the trophy at the end of the tournament. There is already talk of a rematch next term!


Due to the ongoing renovations at St Mary’s Church we had to hold our end of term carol service at school. During the service the candles of the advent wreath were lit and the chamber choir sang a selection from the Ceremony of Carols. Father Michael commented on our wonderful singing and said that the atmosphere of the service felt very special. Thank you to the parents who joined us.

I would like to thank you on my own behalf and that of all the staff for the many Christmas gifts we received. It was most kind and I know they will be thoroughly enjoyed over the festive period. It just leaves me to say have a wonderful Christmas and I will see you all, free of colds, in 2015!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Amanda Leach

Prayer of the week:

May the blessings of God be with you,

May the Christ Child light your way

May the Holy Spirit guide you

To keep you safe each day

house competition


Spring Term savethedate

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