Views from the Headmistress’ study – 6th February 2015

Dear Parents,

It is incredible to be already in the month of February. The girls have been battling it out in two House competitions this week. The annual House Countdown (based on the TV show) has been taking place all week and we all felt that the conundrums were particularly hard to unravel this year. You could hear a pin drop in the room during the thirty seconds of concentration for each round! Congratulations to Canterbury who, by one point, came first.


Mr Ginever and his Department held an Interhouse Maths Quiz for the Year 7’s. I was amazed by the speed in which the girls answered the questions. They particularly enjoyed using the new buzzers which the Parents’ Association have bought us and it was the sharp minds and quick fingers on the buzzer, that won it for Judy and Sonja, once again in Canterbury.

IMG_8864 IMG_8870 IMG_8885

On Tuesday night I was treated to the Composers’ Concert where girls from the GCSE and A level classes performed their own compositions. I was blown away by the talent and variety, from ringtones to guitar pieces to songs to a full Gloria. Well done everyone, as I can imagine that it takes some courage to stand up and perform but even more to perform your own composition. The girls introduced each piece themselves and gave us some musical insight to their creations.

One last week before half term and what a week we have in store for everyone! Watch out for the Junior play ‘Grimm’s Fairytales’ and the More’s Household event on ‘Happiness’.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Amanda Leach

The weeks ahead

Monday 9th February L6th trip to Royal Geographical Society

3.30pm – 5pm: Senior Chamber Choir

6.30pm: Junior School Play

Tuesday 10th February 6.30pm: Junior School Play
Wednesday 11th February MFL Trip to Spain

3.30pm – 5.45pm: Junior and Senior choir rehearsals

Thursday 12th February MFL Trip to Spain

6pm: More’s Household Exibition

Friday 13th February MFL Trip to Spain
Monday 16th – Friday 20th February HALF TERM


Prayer this week from our prayer book

Almighty God,

You have given us in Your Son, the way, the truth and the life.

May we be enlightened by his words and come to share his life.

Through Christ our Lord,


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