Montpellier Review by Suhayla (U6th)

I recently took part In the French trip to Montpellier. We stayed with host families and at the beginning I felt nervous and uncomfortable as it was my first time doing something like this, but the family were very welcoming and I soon felt comfortable.

On the first day we woke up nice and early, and off we went to the language school. At the beginning I’m sure that the only thoughts running through our heads were: why are we up early, and at school in half term?! But that soon changed when we realised how fun and rewarding it was. After school we went for a tour around Montpellier (by which point most of Mr Carroll’s Carambars had been eaten). It was very interesting and the best thing was that the weather was nice and sunny, so out came the sunglasses. After the tour we had some time to do some shopping before returning to our host families. Some went around looking for clothes and make-up, but the majority were off to Monoprix to get some more sweets (as Mr Carroll’s collection had finished). We then returned to our host families and spent the evening with them. DSC_0003

On the second day school we went ice skating. I was terrified as I haven’t skated in years, however I soon got the hang of it after having Amara, Flora and Miss Brown helped me. The ice skating rink in Montpellier was very different as there was a skating disco! Everyone had great fun, however I think Miss Brown was a bit anxious as it was so busy! DSC_0094
We also went to Nimes, which is a beautiful city in the South of France. The first thing we went to see was the arena: it was huge, so out came Sophie’s selfie stick. After the arena we went to an old cinema and watched the history of Nimes. Miss Brown and Mr Carroll then bought us all Crepes. DSC_0179 DSC_0203

Montpellier has a great Zoo. It was so big that it would take three hours to walk through all of it. We saw all different kinds of animals but my personal favourite was the Giraffe. We went inside the Amazonian greenhouse where there was 500 animals of 61 different species. Just imagine  –  a hot and humid atmosphere, dense vegetation, the cries of birds and the sound of flowing water.

We left on Friday and after getting to know my host family, and feeling very comfortable around them, it was quite an emotional departure. I hopped onto the tram for the last time and off I went to school. After school we got time to do some shopping. It was nearly time to make our way to the airport, but just before that Miss Brown and Mr Carroll took us to a cafe.
This trip was an experience that I will never forget and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity. Je suis très contente parce que mon français s’est beaucoup amélioré aprés mon séjour en France où parler en Anglais n’était pas autorisé.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Miss Brown and Mr Carroll for organising such a spectacular trip.

Suhayla – Upper Sixth


For full pictures of the trip, click on the picture below: 

MFL France

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