Views from the Headmistress’ study – 1st May 2015


Dear Parents,

On Monday we welcomed back our Marathon staff, albeit a little stiff. What a magnificent effort to complete the 26.2 miles but also raising over £11,400.  They thoroughly deserved the round of applause in assembly. Well done Mr Garwood, Miss Brown, Miss Minto and Miss Crawley.


We also heard on Monday that Olaya in Yr8 had won, in the 12-17 age group, a national history competition for the Historic Royal Palaces and Yasmine had been awarded a runner up prize. They had to make a short presentation/narration about Henry VIII’s Royal Passage:

The Classics Department took Year 8 and the Year 10s who study Latin and Classical Civilisation to the Roman Baths at Bath over the last two weeks. We had two wonderful sunny days in the glorious Georgian city, sampling the natural hot spring water and local fudge. Both year groups had the opportunity to attend a Teaching session. The Year 8s were able to handle ancient objects that would have been used in the Baths including a metal strigil and Roman glass. The Year 10s had an eye-opening experience in their session where they learnt that Roman women would use crushed flies or ant eggs to make mascara and eye liner. They also discovered that Roman women used the sweat and oil and collected from gladiators as a face pack. Thank goodness for Max Factor! The groups had a good look round the museum using the audio guides on offer which culminated in a chance to taste the waters of Sulis Minerva, the Celtic Roman goddess of healing. There were mixed reactions to the waters, one girl describing it as tasting like ‘feet’. Overall, the girls had a brilliant experience and returned to school with a deeper knowledge of how the Baths worked and the reasons Romans went every day.

The hustings for the elections have been in full swing this week and the competition is hotting up for the Leader’s debate next Tuesday. Who will it be? Time will tell…..

IMG_9766 IMG_9768 IMG_9787 IMG_9794 IMG_9799


Iona gave us a great assembly on ‘Choices’ and made us think about achieving our best by ‘crossing the line’ through commitment and perseverance.

Have a look at the video they showed us:

May we keep Aoife, Olivia, Maud, and Georgie in our prayers on Sunday as they make their  Confirmation at Westminster Cathedral.


Have a lovely weekend,

Amanda Leach


The weeks ahead

Monday 4th  May SCHOOL CLOSED: Bank Holiday
Thursday 7th May Year 11 & 12 Study Leave begins
Friday 8th May Year 7 & 8 trip to Kew Gardens
Monday 11th May 6pm: Activities Week Meeting
Friday 15th May Year 9 History Trip to Ypres Battlefields


Prayer of the Week by Susu UVIth 

Dear God,

Help me today at home, at school, at work, at play to be thy faithful follower

Help me to keep my body well and strong.

Help me to show loving kindness and to be helpful and courteous at home, or wherever I may be.

Give me patience and purity and truth and make my heart the place of peace.

If things seem to go wrong with me, help me to be good tempered and cheerful at all times. sunny hearted, joyous, unselfish

Dear God, who watches over me, help me to grow in goodness and step by step to gentle womanhood.


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