Activities Week Update – Year 7 Day 1

Hallo aus Boppard! It was an early start for Year 7 who met at 6am at school for the long drive to the Rheinland in Germany. Despite travelling through 5 countries, watching 3 films and being stuck inside a coach for 12 and a half hours, spirits remained high throughout. There were sing-a-longs to the Lion King, “outfit of the day” descriptions (Mr. Carroll was asked to join in) and a lot of naps to help the journey pass. One anonymous member of 7T stuck exclusively to the nap option for the majority of the trip.

We arrived at the hotel and enjoyed dinner whilst being serenaded by the hotel karaoke night. Our More House girls however had a lot of energy left to burn and weren’t happy to be just spectators. Within an hour of arriving in Boppard they were performing (excellently) their rendition of “Rolling In The Deep” to a restaurant full of people!
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Mr Carroll
DSC_0491 DSC_0507 DSC_0509 IMG_0258 IMG_0279

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