Activities Week Update – Year 9 Day 2

The sun continues to blaze down upon us and after a large breakfast and sandwich making for our lunch we took the min bus to the beach.
We split into three teams, one raft building, one for beach games and one for the power boat ride. Then as the morning wore the teams roasted activities.
Sara was particularly supportive in the raft building team and indeed had she not pulled the raft along at one point the girls may well have capsized. The raft building required close cooperation, rope knotting skills and a pragmatic approach – just what do you do with 4 barrels, 8 logs and several metres of rope?
The team building skills of Sky and Molly were impressive here.
On the beach several of the girls played volleyball and it is was Suzuka who impressed here, as she seemed to be able to dive into the sand and return the ball on a regular basis. Well done.
As one of the other girls pointed out ‘they make it look so easy in the movies!’
Then teams were taken around the harbour and up close to The crumbling chalky coastline in the speed boat. Everyone seemed to love this as we travelled at speed along the shore, especially as several girls were give the chance to pilot the boat.

After lunch it was Bush-craft. This meant making our way through the trees with the forest floor covered in wild garlic. A remote spot was found. Then he girls had the tasks of making fire, in oder to provide food, whilst other groups were building as shelter. Eventually the groups would share resources and be able to provide a sheltered space with some warm garlic bread prepared by those with the new knowledge of fire-making.
All very useful skills.
Galliane. Alina,Molly,Mary, Hattie, Alana and Sylvia seemed to excel in all this.

Mr Hegarty 

IMG_0071 IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0077

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