Activities Week Update – Year 10 Day 4

Expedition Day 1 has kicked off with variable results. Team Hogwarts (Lydia, Lucy, Miranda, Marie and Sophia) have had a cracking morning, storming around the Sussex countryside. After a leisurely lunch we’ve just waved them off for their casual afternoon stroll (3 hour hike!).

Conversely, team Lord of the Rings (India, Kat, Ruby, Molly and Phoebe) are yet to reach the lunch checkpoint as they have walked around in a circle repeatedly for the past 4 hours. Rather embarrassingly they have just been picked up in the minibus! Hopefully a better afternoon will follow.

Meanwhile, Miss Minto and Miss Devine have been working hard (on their tans) and have been keeping a watchful eye from their roll mat at the relevant checkpoints (with a latte).

More updates to follow later!

Stephanie Minto

Head of Physical Education


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