Activities Week Update – Year 7 Day 3

Grüße aus Boppard!
After two rainy days the sun finally shone in Boppard! We started the morning with a river boat cruise down the Rhine to the town of St. Goar. We took the tourist train through the village up to Burg Rheinfels and were given a tour of the medieval castle ruins and learnt lots about the history of the castle and local area. The girls were very brave and equipped with torches crawled through dark tunnels to discover the old dungeons.
After lunch, some ice cream and souvenir shopping we returned to Boppard and tensions were high as the girls competed against each other in the town quiz. They were divided in to groups and answered questions about the town and things we have seen since we arrived in Germany; they were all determined to win and the local people were more than happy to give them clues to help them along the way.
After the excitement of the quiz we all went on the chairlift, well nearly all of us, Ms Travers had a last minute change of heart when she saw how high it went and decided to look after our bags at the bottom … The girls were all very brave and serenaded the other tourists with their rendition of the cup song as we took in the stunning views.
As it was such a beautiful evening we decided to skip the karaoke and went for a walk along the river where we stumbled across a school from Scotland who were putting on a concert for the local people. They were very good and the Germans seemed to be enjoying the bagpipes!
Our final day in Boppard tomorrow! It’s going to be a good one as it is Raya and Genevieve’s birthday and we are off to Phantasialand!
Bis Bald!
Miss Brown

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