Activities Week Update – Year 7 Day 4

Guten Abend and Happy Birthday to Raya and Genevieve! It was a later start to the day and there were some much needed lie ins in Hotel Rheinlust, as well as several naps on the bus on the way to Phantasialand. These naps came to an abrupt stop as some of us were loudly awoken by Abba’s Greatest Hits blasting from the coach speakers. Thanks to John the driver for the wake up! It was a very popular decision with the birthday girls who danced and sang along to every single track … but not so popular with napping teachers! Miss Brown was definitely pro-Abba, describing the album as “classic after classic”.

The German weather was kind to us yet again as Phantasialand was bathed in sunshine. The water rides in the park took priority as the girls tried to stay cool. Some chose the slower rides and ‘slushies’ while the others rode the Black Mamba and Colorado Explorer rollercoasters. Phantasialand had a lot to offer and unfortunately we didn’t get enough time to explore it fully. Especially as the map took a while for some to get used to!

After a long day the girls had some last minute souvenir shopping before the main event of the week- The Annual More House Year 7 Boppard’s Got Talent Talent Show Competition (the name may be shortened next year …) The girls performed for a judging panel of Sofiya, Cecily, Mr Carroll, Miss Travers, Miss Brown and John the driver. As we saw on Day 2 there was a lot of talent on show with honourable mentions for Maia who performed Titanium and Phoebe and Genevieve who performed the cup song.

Before the judges announced their decision there was a special performance of Four Five Seconds by Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney. Miss Brown and Mr Carroll took on the roles of Kanye and Rihanna while Miss Travers took on the role of “the old guy” (in the words of an unnamed year 7). Miss Travers was complimented for her surprising air guitar skills.

The unanimous decision declared Millie the winner after her perfect performance of “Rude”. This was especially impressive as she’d complained of a sore throat during the day. Katherine and Raya finished just behind in 2nd and 3rd respectively after two very professional performances. Congratulations to everyone who performed on stage or who enthusiastically cheered on their friends.

Early starts in the morning with breakfast at 6am with the aim of being back in London by 6pm. The Abba CD may stay in its case tomorrow morning!


Mr Carroll

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