Head Girl’s Farewell


After seven years of making my way up the school (and the stairs), I find it increasingly difficult to single out one specific thing that I love about More House. While filling out my yearbook page, I was asked questions such as “favourite memory?” and “proudest moment?” and I found answering these to be a close second to A Levels on the difficulty scale, purely because of the sheer amount of More House memories that I cherish. As my time at school draws to a close and University looms, I realise that More House has not only been a school for me but an enriching and rewarding experience that will stay with me forever.

There are a countless number of people to thank in the fount of wisdom and love that is More House, for their guidance and most excellent teaching, which has equipped us with a vast range of knowledge and skills in preparation for our next chosen steps in life, whatever they may be. It seems as though the saying, “you can take the girl out of More House, but you can’t take More House out of the girl” has never been more accurate!

Thank you, More House.

Charlotte – Head Girl 2014/15

Class of 2015

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