Head Girl’s Blog – Leaders Conference 2015

Head girl banner‘Leaders are about being catalysts’

On Tuesday, Catalina (Deputy Head Girl) and I attended a leaders conference at Forest school in Snaresbrook. We went to different talks with motivational speakers and leaders where we were introduced to some leadership skills and a guide on how to publicly speak.

The first speaker was global explorer Pen Hadow who has acquired many useful leadership skills which he shared with us. Mr Hadow began leading groups on expeditions to the North Pole and talked about the great responsibilities that a leader faces (especially when faced with a 6 foot Polar bear who believed the whole of his group to be seals).

Furthermore, Pen Hadow is the only person to have ever reached the North Pole by himself without supplies. However there was a big team and a lot of funding behind this project which reinstated his point that ‘no one has ever achieved anything on their own’.

The second and third speakers were teachers at the school and spoke to us about the different types of leaders – autocratic, democratic and transformational – and how to speak in front of big crowds. For the rest of the day we were given the opportunity to use what we had learnt in workshops entitled ‘learning from leading’ and ‘presenting with confidence’ which allowed us to talk to other students from all parts of the UK.

We both learnt that our objectives – whatever they may be – must be SMART.

Time scaled

Catalina and I both came away from the conference feeling excited and inspired. We are looking forward to getting our student council up and running by next week and receiving feedback from all the year groups.



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