Views from the Headmistress’ study – 23rd September 2015


Dear Parents,

Apologies for the delay in my views but I am still recovering from a wonderful day on Friday, which began with our Start of Year Mass, followed by Sports Day at Battersea Arena. Father Stuart led our Mass and reminded us of all our unique talents and the wonderful community to which we belong. Mrs Hamley introduced two new hymns, which were perfect for the occasion; Brother, Sister let me serve you (Richard A.M Gillard b.1953) and Take this moment (John Bell and Graham Maule). It was lovely to see so many parents at the Mass, celebrating the start of the new year. We then boarded the coaches down to Battersea Park,  where the Houses battled it out on the track and field.  The last events of the afternoon were the relays and the scores were closer than ever. The girls always enjoy the last race of the day- staff relay and the winners were the Canterbury staff that flew round the track! In the end Iona triumphed on the day; one point ahead of Walsingham! Thank you to everyone (PE department, staff, runners, throwers, jumpers and spectators) who made the day so successful. In assembly this week we congratulated everyone who took part and remembered the Olympic Creed:


Well done to the following for breaking the school records:

Aoife Chapman
Nancy Sarif
Flora O’Doherty
Ilse De Carlucci
Ella Hayward
Ghalia Raidan
Junior Relay – Santiago – 1:07.75
Middies Relay – Iona – 1:03.32
Staff Relay – Canterbury – 1:00.81

Sports Day 2015

Last Wednesday, it was lovely to meet some of the new parents at the evening drinks reception, hosted by the Parents’ Association. Welcome to our community.

Ms Seconi (Library Manager) thanked Emilie, Harriet, Anoushka and Olaya for all of their hard work as Junior Librarians. Please encourage your daughters to venture into the Library and choose some of the new titles on offer.

The lunchtime clubs and activities programme is well under way and the girls are keeping themselves busy during lunchtime doing all manner of things, from playing the Ukulele, watching foreign films, playing Scrabble, making greetings cards and Philosophy.

The Y11 Classical Civilisation students descended upon the Greek vase gallery at the British Museum, shaking off the rain as they begun their inspection of these 2000+ year old works of art. As the students have to produce a critical study of Greek vases for their Controlled Assessment it was important for them to see the vases first hand. They were able to compare and contrast the fine incisions made by the Black Figure painters, which showed infinite skill and impressive detail, to the more free-style Red Figure vases such as the vase showing the death of Hektor at the hands of Achilles on the Berlin Painter’s evocative and emotional vase. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and sloshed home again through the pouring rain in high spirits.


The British Museum has also quickly established itself as one of the Art Departments favourite trips of the year. Year 11 were accompanied by Ms Beatty and Miss Devine for a morning of drawing, looking particularly at the Egyptian, African and Aztec figurines. This trip provides an excellent starting point for the sculpture project and gives the girls a real sense of the history of three dimensional artworks. As always the drawings produced were full of energy and really captured the amazing detail of the work on show.


Also congratulations to Sofia Petrushina 8T (3rd) Marie Symington 7D (2nd) Phoenix Dunstall 7J (1st) for Design the House Board competition… All the finalists are on the school instagram account: @morehouseart

Just a reminder that on Thursday 1st October we are holding our Open Evening and so school will finish at 1pm (lunch is available). Girls who are off to New York for the Music Tour will be needed for a rehearsal in the afternoon. If your daughter has been chosen to help out on the evening, you will be receiving a letter from Sally Brown (Senior Teacher KS3).

On Friday, don’t forget to pop in with friends and family, from 8.15am-9.15 for the MacMillan Coffee Morning. Come and have a cup of coffee and a pastry. If you are able to donate some cakes or biscuits, it would be most appreciated and hopefully as a result, lots of money will be raised for MacMillan Cancer Support.

macmillan 2015

Have a great week,

Amanda Leach


The weeks ahead

Monday 21st September 3.30pm – 5.30pm: Senior Chamber Choir
Tuesday 22nd September 2.00pm: Cyber Bullying event Year 7, 8, 9 & 10
Thursday 24th September 4.00pm: L6th & U6th Parents Evening
Friday 25th September 8.15am: Macmillan Coffee Morning

School Photos

Monday 28th September 3.30pm – 5.30pm: Senior Chamber Choir
Thursday 1st October 4.30pm – 8.00pm: OPEN EVENING 2015


Prayer of the Week

For the prayer of the week I have taken a verse from one of the new hymns sung at the Start of Year Mass. Brother, Sister let me serve you (Richard A.M Gillard b.1953)

‘We are pilgrims on a journey,

and companions on the road;

we are here to help each other walk the

mile and bear the load’


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