Head Girl’s Blog – 25th September 2015

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On Wednesday, we hosted our first student council meeting with a wonderful turnout from all years sharing their ideas and thoughts, which we will pass on to Mrs Leach at our next meeting. Thank you to all the form representatives for attending and making our first meeting very successful. We will be meeting a few times every half term, so keep the ideas coming!

Also on Wednesday, Walsingham had the pleasure of meeting Sister Cathy Jones from Religious of the Assumption, a convent in Kensington with other locations nationally and internationally. Sister Jones spoke to us about the initiatives she is involved in that aim to provide education for children across the world. She offered us the chance to ask her questions about the charity work she does and her life in general which turned into ‘a day in the life of…’. It was very interesting to learn about what inspired her to become a sister and to hear about her journeys across the globe. One point that resonated with me was the fact that the sisters take half an hour to collect their thoughts at the end of the day and focus on their connection with Christ. I feel this is very important especially in a fast paced town like London, even if you are not religious as we often forget to slow down and listen to ourselves. We look forward to staying in contact with and fundraising for Religious of the Assumption.

This Friday morning we took part in the MacMillan Coffee Morning to fundraise for people facing cancer which goes towards medical, practical and financial support for patients as well as emotional support and campaigns for better cancer care. We all enjoyed trying a mixture of cake, brownies and muffins made by teachers and pupils.


The sense of community has been exceptionally strong throughout this week and we have definitely settled into the new academic year!



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