Head Girl’s Blog – 6th November 2015

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a good break and Halloween.
The weeks ahead are going to be very busy and we are all ready to get into the Christmas spirit…already!
This week I will be having a meeting with the form representatives to relay the discussion and thoughts Catalina and I chatted to Mrs. Leach about.  Some suggestions included having a new school coat and a request for school council badges. Girls are being fitted for their coats and the badges have arrived!
As soon as a rather jet-lagged Catalina touched down after the NYC music trip, I asked her to write around 400 words about it
However, too many exciting things happened and the word count was soon abandoned
Below is her account of the music tour.
Music Captain’s Recount on 2015’s Music Tour:
Six fifteen in the morning, in the distance of a desolate Heathrow Terminal 3, a herd of granite hoodie-wearing, chattering teenagers could be seen amongst a cluster of members of staff who half asleep, were clutching to their Costa coffee cups for dear life. This is it, the start of my last Music Tour. Destination: New York City.
On a seven hour flight you have to make sure to chose wisely who to sit next to, as the confined space and constant appearance of burgundy-clad air hostesses offering all types of sugary snacks may induce a high level of hyper-ness, as was the case for some of the younger years. In my case I sat with my Upper Sixth peers Margaret and Anahita who mostly spent the trip devouring the films and shows offered by Virgin Atlantic as well as everything the air hostesses had to offer.
After spending nearly an hour queuing in ‘no man’s land’ and a smiling goofy faced ‘cop’ welcoming me into the country – we were finally in The United States! 
New York is famously a dynamic and rapid-paced city and this was notable when pulling up to the hotel in the middle of the theatre district in Midtown Manhattan. 
We were all very overwhelmed by the crowds, time difference and astounded by the towering buildings. Nonetheless, we pushed through the tiny obstacles, after all we were already tiny in such a colossal city. After eating and settling in to minimalistic rooms we headed back out onto the streets and rehearsed at what would have been midnight on the other side of the pond. 
The first morning we were rested and ready to take on the city. Merely walking out of the hotel was already an eventful experience. Looking at the yellow cabs whizzing past and the unfamiliar white hand on the zebra crossings, it seemed like we were on the set of an upcoming Hollywood film. From above I imagine we would have been seen like a school, not that of girls however but that of fish; being washed down the streets by the strong current of New Yorkers rushing to get to work.
The week whizzed past with the blink of an eye. We had several visits to a funkily decorated rehearsal space on the corner of our hotel. The fruitful time in there, apart from allowing Moza and a couple of other girls to get a glimpse of young actress AnnaSophia Robb who was supposedly rehearsing next door, lead to great concerts in even greater venues. 
The concerts included places such as the majestically renovated St. Agnes Cathedral in Long Island where Bishop Murphy, who the choir had previously met in Rome, cheerfully greeted us. 
St. Mary the Virgin Church where we performed our first concert, gave us the positive energy we needed to start the tour and it was also the first time we admired the hypnotising Times Square at night. St. Paul the Apostle Church had wonderful modern works of art on temporary display scattered around the church which complimented our cultural intake of the day as some of us had spent the previous hours of the afternoon gauging at the MoMA temporary exhibition. St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the corner of the distinguished 5th Avenue was also a tremendous opportunity as it’s prestigious status compliments More House’s resumé. The unfortunate technical problems of the very talented organist however really tested our musical ability. Not only was it the perfect ending of the concerts, and of the big apple but also a memorable farewell to my four years of More House tours.
Apart from the main reason of the trip, the time in New York consisted of consuming large amounts of food and sugary drinks, too many camera shots of the Empire State Building and the One Way signs and innumerable evening trips to Sephora, Starbucks and Shake Shack (Sibilance not intended). We also had the luck to be in all five boroughs of New York City, including lunch in Staten Island after passing the famous Statue of Liberty and for the Sixth Form a taste of both the famous Brooklyn pizza and the Brooklyn Bridge at night. 
Reaching the end of our stay there was a visible change in the air. In contrast with the school of fish, wobbling down the streets as we had seemed mere hours after arriving, on the last full day of our stay a more fitting description was that of a shimmer of sharks striding down Manhattan avenues. We were already adapted to the wonderful city, unfortunately right before closing our oversized and overweight luggage back to England. 

I would like to congratulate all the girls for singing their hearts out and thank all the teachers that came for making this another outstanding trip. I am especially grateful to the Music Department for all the rehearsals, fundraising and the great organisation of the trip. It wouldn’t have been possible without all the hard work! 

More photos to follow soon…

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