Head Girl’s Blog – 20th November 2015

Well done to everyone who won prizes last Thursday and to the wonderful choir who sounded fantastic.
This week, Sixth formers have met with their year 7 minis, the University challenge competition has been on at lunchtimes and Santiago did a great assembly on Santiago de Compostela. 
The Classics and History of Art girls enjoyed a day out at the British Museum, explored the Parthenon gallery and got to take part in a handling session and were very inspired when they came back to school. 
Many girls have come up to me and asked when the next school council meeting which shows real enthusiasm.
I will set a date next week to catch up on any ideas they have!
I have put a copy of my Prizegiving speech below if any one would like to read it.
Have a great weekend!
Good evening, my name is Charlotte and I am delighted to share a few words with you all as Head Girl at More House this year. 
On my first day at More House, I was anxious to make a good impression and arrived promptly at 8.00 am, though Mr Ginever and I know this has not always been the case since. 
I remember finding it much less daunting than I had first anticipated, both teachers and classmates were nice and I settled in almost instantly. There were of course, moments of drama but it was all part of getting to know how different people react to situations and dealing with the ups and downs of teen hood. 
5 years and 11 GCSEs later…
All of a sudden, I was finally a Sixth-Former! One with responsibility, independence and free periods. Classes became even smaller enabling us to voice our opinions comfortably and freely demonstrating a variety of approaches to the specific subject. Those of us who used to be shy and fearful of saying the wrong thing were speaking up and sharing our views and thoughts. We have become closer and more open, we motivate each other, we praise each other and make sure we are all coping with exam and work stress, in short: we look after each other. Sometimes when the stress is getting to us all, we take 15 minutes out of our day to do something fun or weird. For example, last week we figured it would be entertaining to see how many sixth formers we could fit into our tiny kitchen upstairs… the answer: around 12 and a half.
In the last few years, I have been able to embrace every opportunity given to me at More House, to take on tasks I wouldn’t have thought possible when I first took the fifteen metre trip across the road from Hill House back in 2009. It was not until GCSE’s that I began to enjoy studying and learning which really came into effect last year and as a result, my approach to school as a whole changed dramatically. Everyday I look forward to seeing the people I look up to teachers and peers and studying the subjects I enjoy for example, being taught the Categorical Imperative in one class and learning about Secularism in France in the next. 
In such a small school as ours, the ability to know everyone’s name and to talk to them on the stairs or at lunch but always learning something new about them is a precious experience enabling me to meet teachers and peers from different backgrounds, beliefs and approaches that may differ from my own.
The feeling that my year and I are going to leave and everyone else is staying – the hyper, care-free younger years, the teachers whose lessons I enjoy immensely and the girls in my house – the feeling that they are all staying and we’re leaving is one of the worst feelings ever. 
However, I know that we are all ready to face the world with all that More House has offered us: the qualifications, the confidence, the social skills and the strong support from all the friends we have made for life during our time here. 
At the end of my time at More House, I have realised that we are all different in outlook and personality but bound together by a special More House bond that other schools and sixth forms lack. We are all valued and we learn to value ourselves and others around us. 
When you spend every day with the same 10 girls in a common room or in lessons together, you form a close bond and relationship with one another. My year group has been the best support I could have ever asked for, I feel blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful, talented girls with amazing personalities.  
I will always be grateful for the wonderful, hard-working, dedicated teachers at More House, those who have seen me grow and change and those who have made such a difference to my education despite them only having arrived at More House recently. I truly believe that More House is a school that empowers the women of tomorrow, today. As a former pupil said to me recently, ‘More House is ingrained in my heart…it is special in so many ways.’
Thank you for listening and Thank you More House for making us the confident but down to earth women we are today. 

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