Head Girl’s Blog – 16th December 2015

BFI French A Level Trip

On Tuesday morning after a hilarious reimagining of ‘A Christmas Carol’ in assembly, A level French girls and Mr Carroll went on a French cinema trip to the BFI on Southbank.

Having arrived early, we took this opportunity to have breakfast together nearby. Several pancakes, doses of Maple Syrup, scrambled eggs, pieces of toast, milkshakes and riveting conversations later, we decided to make our way to the talk on French cinema through the decades.

We watched extracts from various films, genres and time periods and then were asked questions about them where we were encouraged to answer in French.
We learnt about film techniques such as framing and lighting and vocabulary to use in our research based essays.

We then had a lunch break where some of us decided to tuck in to dessert straight away….


Having refuelled, we took our seats again to watch the film ‘Bande de filles’ which was based around themes of violence, freedom, identity and vulnerability. This film was particularly helpful as after we drew parallels between it and the film U6 are currently studying called ‘La Haine’. We also discussed the themes and meanings of this film as a group where we could all share ideas on why we thought the director used certain types of cinematography to convey the message in the film.


We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learnt interesting ways to analyse scenes of a film and how pieces today have been heavily influenced by movies of the past or by certain events.


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