Views from the Headmistress’ study – 22nd January 2016


Dear Parents,

We have got a lot to be extremely proud about this week.

On Monday we congratulated Ella, Phoebe and Maia for being invited to join Mensa. Exciting times ahead for them and for other girls who were just shy of the qualifying score of 148. 

I received in the post yesterday a lovely drawing of the school from Tatler. Well done to all the staff and girls for being selected as one of their top schools in the UK. You can find us in their guide for 2016.


What a week for the PE Department!

Huge congratulations to the U14 team who won last night 16-1 against Chelsea Academy to become Borough Champions. They have had a fantastic season and well deserve the title.


We had 55 different people doing sport on Tuesday evening with Rowing club, netball club and football club all happening across London.


It was amazing to see 42 people doing 7 minute workout in the courtyard on Tuesday lunch time.

Well done to the U13’s at the Indoor Athletics. They came third in the Borough. Excellent performances from Josie in the triple jump and Eya and Hope in the paired run.

The L6 Business group broke out of the classroom this week. A short brisk walk from Pont St to Motcomb St on a very cold morning proved well worth the effort. They were greeted with a delicious hot chocolate at Rocco Chocolates and this set the tone for an inspiring session with owner Chantal Coady. The girls were buzzing on the way back to More House and used ideas they had picked up on their trip on the design mix and customer loyalty, when they returned to their Business lesson.


Years 7 and 8 were treated to a visit from the Quantum Theatre company when they came to perform an inventive interpretation of A Christmas Carol.

This Dickens piece is part of the Year 7 reading anthology, which they studied last term and the English department thought that seeing this performance would help consolidate the themes and actions which take place in the book.

Year 8 were also invited, as they will be studying the work of Dickens in the summer term, so Mr Hegarty felt this was a suitable introduction to the works of this great wordsmith.

It was an entertaining performance as the three actors told the story with a great sense of creativity; employing a variety of lighting changes, an atmospheric sound track, numerous costume changes as well as lively seasonal songs. The acting troupe were really very inventive as Scrooge and his many ghosts were so vividly portrayed.

It was pleasing to see the Sixth Year drama students attend the performance as well because these students will shortly preparing their very own public  performances for the A Level Drama practical.


As I write the Latin Department are in Athens with a group of girls. Follow them on twitter @morehouseschool to find out what they are up to. They were last seen at the Corinth Canal…………


Please save the date for the first of a series of talks hosted by the Parents’ Association. We have invited in Dr Aric Sigman to talk to the girls, staff and parents about ‘Managing Screen Time and Screen Dependency’. After speaking to a large number of parents at the Year 11 Parents’ Evening this week, this is a very worrying issue and as parents we need the strength to manage and control the amount of time our children spend on screens. The amount of research being carried out on the negatives effects of screen time is staggering- please save the date.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 14.22.48

Have a wonderful weekend, 

Amanda Leach

Thursday 21st-Sunday 24th January Classics Trip to Athens
Tuesday 26th January Year 9 Options/Parents Evening 6.30pm
W/C Monday 1st February Assessment Point 3
Tuesday 2nd February Informal Concerts | Junior 4.30-5.30pm | Senior 6.30-7.30pm



A blessing from Mr Garwood’s assembly this week:

May the Lord God Bless you each step of Life’s way.

May you learn each day to open yourself to love and the blessings of love.

May you find a stick to lean on when the road is hard- and not use the stick to beat


May you be blessed with life’s abundance and blessed in poor days too, learning again

what really matters, what lasts. May you never give in to despair or the lie that

nothing can change.

May you find ways of life and walk them with courage, knowing that every step is

within the heart of Christ who holds all our days in love.


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